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One Laptop Per Child

The One Laptop Per Child initiative is designed to benefit struggling readers through the Global Links Library and Literacy Campaign. One Laptop Per Child is currently offering a program called Give Many. The Give Many program was designed for groups that are interested in purchasing 100 laptops or more, but are not yet ready for an order in the thousands. The minimum order is for 100 laptops at this time. The majority of Give Many participants are NGOs and private donors that would like to provide laptops for a specific community in need. The South Africa Study Abroad program plans to participate in this program by raising money and gathering donations until we are ready to make an initial purchase of 100+ laptops towards our first community partner recipient – The Ekukhanyisweni Primary School.

OLPC has designed the XO laptop to promote creativity and expression in children. Through the Give Many program, participants receive laptops and are able to manage their use in ways they believe best fits the needs of their community. For example, in some areas, connectivity to the internet is not possible and schools opt to use the laptop for its activities and not the internet feature. In other areas, Wi-Fi hot spots (wireless access points) are available and laptop connectivity is more feasible. In either case, the laptops are able to communicate with one another (simple mesh network) and are a wonderful learning and connectivity tool for children, their families, and the community at large. The internet feature of the laptop is a wonderful asset, but the laptop has manyother learning components that contribute to its success in education.

A basic orientation on the XO laptop can be found at This information can assist administrators and users on how to get started. There is a guide to using activities, getting connected, inviting a friend, etc. Many of the Give Many users find this to be the best source of information for getting started. The GiveMany program is structured as follows: Give 100+ for $310 per laptop; Give 1,000+ for $260 per laptop; Give 10,000+ for $210 per laptop

In each case, the donor designates where the laptops are sent. Shipping costs are not included in the laptop prices and are determined based on the quantities and destination. The basic shipping quotes are CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) and do not include taxes or duties. Delivery usually takes place between 120 and 135 days from purchase date.

To learn more about how you, your school, organization, or agency can join the program, or to make a donation towards a SASA project, visit the “Opportunities to Collaborate” section of the program website. For more information about the One Laptop Per Child program, click here


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