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SASA Community Partners

In 2006, the Caribbean American Medical and Scientific Association, a 501 (c) 3 organizations based in New York, teamed up with The Call of South Africa Study Abroad Course to collaborate on long-term health service projects in South Africa.

Health & Education Seminars and Workshops:
The partners offer Training & Information sessions for parents, educators, children, organizations, and communities on a wide range of topics, including:

1. Child Abuse and Neglect (cross cultural perspectives – US/SA)
2. Pediatric Growth and Development (as it relates to the orphan population)
3. Patient preparation (students practice on each other and later prepare patients for their examinations)
4. HIV: Facts and Fiction
5. Juvenile Justice
6. Educational Training
7. Developing Reading and Literacy Skills
8. English as a Second Language
9. Black literatures, music, and history

Medical Examinations:
Upon approval from the relevant South African authorities, CAMSA offers free medical care to needy individuals in South Africa.

Christine Revelle Children's Home
The Christine Revell Children’s Home cares for 49 abused, abandoned, neglected or orphaned children from birth to five years old, irrespective of gender, race, religion, or HIV status. We strive to nurture and develop every child in need and work towards their successful re-integration into a family and the community. The origins of the Christine Revell Children’s Home go back more than 60 years, having been started by a community worker, Christine Revell, to care for young unwed mothers. The Uniting Reformed Church later transformed it into a children’s home and place of safety for babies and small children and named it after Christine Revell. In 2000, the Church established a Trust that took over ownership and management of the Home.

Ekukhanyisweni Primary School
Ekukhanyisweni is the Zulu word for “place of light” and the school lives up to its name. Although the new facility opened in January 2007, the twenty-five teachers there do their best to work amidst the severe overcrowding in their classrooms, with each often serving more than forty students. As one can imagine, resources are strained and it is a challenge to meet the overwhelming needs of the more than 1000 students who call the school home and truly make this a “place of light.”

Impact Direct Ministries
Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), established in 2001, is a non-profit community-based organization operating in South Africa with the main operational base in Cape Town. For many years its members have been impacting various communities through its variety of outreach programs locally and globally.

Ons Plek
“A place for us!” was the delighted response of Cape Town’s invisible street children, the girls, when Ons Plek Shelter opened for them in 1988. Ons Plek is the only intake shelter for girls in Cape Town. The girls’ basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and love are provided. Once the children have crossed the threshold into Ons Plek they are not here as street children, but as children who are looking for a new place in society. They are not looking for an identity as former street children either, but want to be seen as ordinary children. For them Ons Plek is not a project for female street children, but a place, OUR PLACE, where ‘sifunda ukuphila’ - we learn for our future lives. Siviwe, meaning ‘God has heard us’, also named by the girls, provides an environment undisturbed by direct contact with street life. Once the girls have weaned themselves from street life while at Ons Plek, and adjusted to a more structured life, they can move to Siviwe in Woodstock.

Ubuntu Sports Outreach
UBUNTU Sports Outreach exists to connect boys to mentors and coaches that can connect them to their Heavenly Father. The first location operates from Ocean View township in Cape Town. Soccer is the favorite sport in township communities and the sport holds a unique place in the nation’s consciousness as they hosted the 2010 World Cup. The ministry accomplishes its vision by: hiring and training coaches to mentor boys in township communities as they are coaching them in soccer; developing a residential academy to develop spiritually, academically, and athletically the most talented players from the teams; and fostering opportunities for the boys to seek higher education in the USA or a career in professional soccer.


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