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Drs. Prudence Layne and Jean Rattigan-Rohr have worked independently over the past three years to design service-learning initiatives that promote literacy among underprivileged groups and to educate Elon students about the factors for their plight. Additionally, we have worked to help our students understand the need to disrupt the cynical bent of disadvantage and poor educational experiences of many minority students. Dr. Layne and her students have contributed to or built the library resources at schools and organizations around the United States, South Africa, Ghana, and Haiti, primarily through the Global Links Library and Literacy service project of her winter term study abroad program. Dr. Rohr has trained student-teachers through the “It Takes a Village” service component of her Teaching Struggling Readers course to apply their learning techniques to help struggling readers in the Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS). Each program, however, has been missing a key component. Where books abound, literacy does not, and where the focus has been on literacy, reading resources have been lacking. Combining the two programs by involving Elon students in both courses and our community partners in uniquely designed projects to provide teacher professional development opportunities, and empower struggling learners and the people who support them will not only strengthen the service-learning components of each course, but also transform our students’ learning. For additional information on how you, your school, or agency can obtain help for a struggling reader, get help for an existing or planned library, or tutor a student, please contact Dr. Prudence Layne at or Dr. Jean Rattigan-Rohr at


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Prudence Layne, Ph.D.
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Coordinator of African/African-American Studies

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