Elon Parents Council

The Parents Council has the following responsibilities:

  • To provide parents with a way to share observations, suggestions or concerns about Elon programs and student life
  • To keep parents informed about campus activities, policies, programs and future projects
  • To maintain close relationships between the parents of current and former students and Elon
  • To support Elon’s Parents Fund and other fundraising objectives

Parents Council 2014-2015

  • Co-Presidents: Owen and Beth Dugan, Jr., P'15 P'16, Wellesley, MA
  • Co- Vice Presidents: Andy and Muffy Fox P'14 P'15 P'17, Greenwich, CT

Committees and Chairpersons:

  • Admissions: Stephanie Ackerman P'16, Marlboro, NJ
  • Career: Mike Croxson, P'15, Ellicott City, MD
  • Communications: Steve Anderson, P'16, Great Falls, VA
  • Welcome and Transitions: Beth Byron P'16, Charlotte, NC
  • Parents & Grandparents Fund: Andy Fox P'14 P'15 P'17, Greenwich, CT
  • Student Life: Chris and Kay Linneman P'16, New Canaan, CT

2014-2015 Member Roster

NameCity, State
Brian and Geri Abdoo P'18 Ridgewood, NJ
Wayne and Stephanie Ackerman P'16   Marlboro, NJ
Steve and Dayna Anderson P'16   Great Falls, VA
Jeff Bacciocco and Karena Zakhour-Bacciocco P'16   San Rafael, CA
Michael and Wendy Battey P'17   Ross, CA
Joseph and Emma Battle P'17   Chapel Hill, NC
Greg and Shelley Bausch P'16 P'18 Pittsburgh, PA
Even Berntsen and Krysten Ericson P'18 Old Greenwich, CT
Bruce Brown and Suzy Benfield-Brown P'14 P'15  Winston-Salem, NC
David and Maggie Blakelock P'18 Needham, MA
David and Amy Blumberg P'15 P'17  Greenwich, CT
Jim and Dotty Boyle P'16   Hingham, MA
Brad and Missy Brinegar P'18 Durham, NC
Shaun and Jennifer Broderick P'13 P'16  Rumson, NJ
Bob and Michelle Bruggeworth P'18 Greensboro, NC
Mike and Meg Bruno P'16   Armonk, NY
Dave and Beth Byron P'16   Charlotte, NC
Joseph and Carolyn Campanelli P'18 Wellesley Hills, MA
Jim and Ashley Carros P'16   Winston Salem, NC
Rob and Cindy Citrone P'17  Southport, CT
Larry and Anne Clark P'18 Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Larry and Suzanne Coats P'15   Apex, NC
David and Robyn Cole P'18 Atlanta, GA
Jeff and Julie Cristal P'18 Shaker Heights, OH
Mike and Meg Croxson P'15   Ellicott City, MD
Larry and Sarah Cruise P'08 P'16  Russell, OH
Greg and Beverly Deavens P'16   Farmington, CT
Mac and Deb Donley P'16   Chagrin Falls, OH
Owen and Beth Dugan P'15 P'16  Wellesley, MA
Christopher and Marsha Edwards P'17   Atlanta, GA
Jeffrey and Mary Eisenstadt P'17   Locust, NJ
Bob and Michele Fitzsimmons P'18 Old Greenwich, CT
Paul and Debbie Foreman P'18 Towson, MD
Peter and Kim Fox P'15   Chapel Hill, NC
Andy and Muffy Fox P'14 P'15 P'17 Greenwich, CT
Mike '83 and Kelley '82 France P'09 P'17 Manteo, NC
Terry and Marilyn Friddle P'18 Charlotte, NC
John Fukunaga and Cheryl Shojinaga P'17   Manhattan Beach, CA
Peter and Toby Ganz P'17   Cincinnati, OH
Sheldon and Christy Gordon P'16   North Palm Beach, FL
Chris and Brenda Gorman P'18 Shaker Heights, OH
Jon and Nina Graves P'18 Vienna, VA
Sandy and Missy Gullquist P'15   Richmond, VA
Blanton and Susan Hamilton P'18 Charlotte, NC
Hal and Jackie Hawkey P'18 Denver, CO
Rob and Lisa Heaton P'16 P'18 Bethesda, MD
Russ and Jennifer Herndon P'17   Sudbury, MA
John and Eileen Hill P'18 Vero Beach, FL
John and Sheryl Hill P'16   Tampa, FL
Peter and Susan Hinrichs P'18 Greenwich, CT
Chris and Alice Holbrook P'16 P'18  Greenwich, CT
Al and Sandy Horowitz P'16   Bethesda, MD
Susan Ittner P'17   Saint Louis, MO
John and Pat Jasper P'16   Richmond Heights, OH
Rich '87 and Laurie Johnson P'17  Potomac Falls, VA
Kelly and Adrienne Johnston P'16   Newtown Square, PA
Richard and Kristen Kane P'16   Medfield, MA
Gary and Roberta Kleiman P'17 Wayne, PA
David and Jeanette Kowalski P'16   Elon, NC
Chris Kraus and Darcy Stacom P'18 New York, NY
George and Heidi Laub P'17   New Canaan, CT
Marc and Joy Lautenbach P'15   Old Greenwich, CT
Jeff and Nancy LeSourd P'13 P'15  Purcellville, VA
Chris and Kay Linneman P'16   New Canaan, CT
Rich and Janet Livingston P'16   Owings Mills, MD
Ken and Jeryl Malloy P'10 P'15  Rye, NY
Mark and Janelle Mariani P'16   Boca Raton, FL
Tony and Kristin Marken P'17   Dover, MA
Robert Martin and Carol Thrane P'16   Kansas City, MO
Warner and Cary Mason P'15   Baltimore, MD
Bob and Kathy McEntee P'16   North Caldwell, NJ
Mike McGee and Olga Castellanos P'17   San Marino, CA
Ron and Deidra McRae P'12 P'18 Ambler, PA
Robert and Janice Mintz P'17 Pennington, NJ
Jim and Cheryl Mullery P'17   Summit, NJ
Bobby and Merideth Newman P'17   Tampa, FL
Jamey and Tracey '84 Nugent P'15  Naples, FL
Arthur and Nadine Oudmayer P'15   Charlotte, NC
John and Kirsten Perry P'15   Greensboro, NC
Brian Pike and Sharon Graves P'18 Encino, CA
Luis and Diane Pineda P'09 P'17  Birmingham, AL
David and Gigi Priebe P'15   New Canaan, CT
Kevin Queen and Anne Pipkin P'15 P'16  Charlotte, NC
Bob and Cheryl Rabbitt P'16 P'17  Annapolis, MD
Alan and Susan Rafte P'16   Houston, TX
Eli and Sue Rauch P'15   Scotch Plains, NJ
John and Kristin Replogle P'18 Raleigh, NC
Don and Jen Reynolds P'17   Raleigh, NC
Ramona Rishi P'15   Great Falls, VA
Carl and Jane Showalter P'15   Charlotte, NC
Anthony and Diane Sirabella P'14 P'18  Pound Ridge, NY
Gregg and Kathy Smart P'13 P'18 Chatham, NJ
Allen and Stephanie Smith P'15   Saint Louis, MO
Stephen and Donna Spaulding P'18 Cary, NC
Ted and Laurel Stack P'16 P'18  Lower Gwynedd, PA
Jeff and Diane Steinhilber P'18 Hunting Valley, OH
Clay and Terri Stober P'15   Cary, NC
Gaby and Orit Szulik P'15   Durham, NC
Mark and Carlota Taylor P'15   Dedham, MA
Nancy Taylor P'16   Richmond, VA
Howard and Shawn Taylor P'17   Mclean, VA
Kevin Tedeschi P'18 Duxbury, MA
Chris and Fran Teter P'13 P'18 Charlotte, NC
Robb and Karin Thomson P'14 P'18 Cornelius, NC
John and Joy Tricoli P'13 LP'16 P'18 Orlando, FL
Bill and Susan Tucker P'16   London, England
Bill and Jill Vantine P'18 Norfolk, CT
Tom and Molly Vates P'18 Holmdel, NJ
Claudio and Kim Vincenty P'12 P'16  Jacksonville, FL
Stephen and Joann Webster P'18 Berwyn, PA
Tom and Becky Weidenkopf P'15   Chagrin Falls, OH
Glenn and Sonja Wilkerson P'17   Los Altos Hills, CA
Bill and Kristy Woolfolk P'17   Hinsdale, IL
Hal and Susan Yarwood P'10 P'15  Lorton, VA
Ernie and Kathy Yenke P'18 Sudbury, MA
Jon Yenor and Caroline Brecker P'17   Riverside, CT
Fritz and Susan Zimmer P'18 Mill Valley, CA
Jonathan and Renee Zung P'17   Raleigh, NC


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