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Good leaders need dedicated and committed followers, support your community leaders

This month, the Center for Leadership and Development hosted a leadership lecture series featuring three (including the Krispy Kreme CEO), keynote speakers. These three men addressed the Elon community giving advice and describing the perfect leader and what it takes to be a leader. Along with the leadership lecture series, William Haley, son of late author Alex Haley addressed students from Turrentine Middle School, Elon faculty, staff and students. Haley also gave promising advice.

Each one of these speakers had one thing in common; they are leaders who have worked hard to get to their positions in life. It was not easy for them to get to where they are, but as William Pesce of John Wiley & Sons said good leadership is leading with your heart, your values and your mind. These messages may seem just inspirational, but The Pendulum encourages everyone to read between the lines and search for a deeper message.

Leadership is something that every person has had at least some practice with. Within Elon classrooms, group work is encouraged. Are you a student that steps up to the plate? Or do you sit quietly and allow others to take charge? Everyone cannot be a leader in all situations, but eventually everyone will be placed in some sort of leadership position, whether within the workplace or at home. Being a leader is more than just delegating responsibility, it is also being dedicated and committed to those you are leading.

Both Pesce and Haley briefly mentioned the current status of the United States in reference to the war and leadership. Whether or not you agree with the current leadership of our country, keep in mind that these officials were chosen or elected and they are expected to get the job done as best as they know how. It is easy to point the finger and place the blame on others, but this isn’t fair to those leaders who take the time and work hard. In the past The Pendulum has brought up accountability and being held responsible for actions. Today, The Pendulum would like to encourage that same issue, but also learn to be a good follower. In order to be an efficient leader, one must have dedicated and committed followers; it’s a two way street. There is a common saying, “ too many chiefs and not enough Indians.”

Help our leaders make the right decisions by playing an active role in your community. While you may be just one person, your initiative may motivate others to participate. In this way, you are a leader. Everyone looks up to someone, and you may be one of those people that others look up to.

Haley said that the future of good leadership is the young people, college students. While no one will have the same dream as Dr. King, everyone has something they wish to accomplish. “Leadership is all about stepping stones, not road blocks,” Pesce said. As students, we come across many speed bumps that slow down the road to success. A good leader learns from these mistakes, uses this newfound knowledge and grows from there.

“Just because you have a nightmare, doesn’t mean you stop dreaming,” said Jill Scott, R&B, neo-soul recording artist.