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Return of the Green Lemon Band

Ashley Busch / Reporter

Calling all Lemonheads! If you weren't around to catch Green Lemon's show in February, you're in luck. The Green Lemon band will be back in Elon at the Lighthouse Tavern on April 6 with a sound that's guaranteed to make it a night worthwhile.

Hailing from Oklahoma, Green Lemon formed in 2000 while the band members were still in high school. Though they had known each other for years, it wasn't until senior year of high school that they decided to create the band, originally calling themselves by the name of "Grass." Two albums, new band members and five years later, Green Lemon is bringing a fresh perspective to the genre of jam.

"We started in a garage like most bands, now here we are today," said Chris Cox, drummer for the band.

"We were friends in high school and would get together and play music," said Wayne Allen, guitarist and vocalist. "Slowly we started writing our own songs and playing parties. Over the years, we have evolved into what is now Green Lemon."

With influences ranging from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Phish, and R&B, Green Lemon is able to fuse all the elements of techno, reggae, funk and rock to create a sound any jam band lover would enjoy. There's a little bit of something for everyone though, whether it's a craving for smooth melodies, moveable beats or just a good time. The band does mostly original material and spends a lot of time perfecting the music.

"Our sound can be described as a sort of euphoric techno mixed with reggae influences," said Jon Cordero, keyboardist and main vocalist for the group.

"Rehearsal is trial and error most of the time," said Matt Fioravanti, bassist and vocalist for the band. "One of us will come to the practice room with most of a song and then figure out how to make it swim through the gauntlet with trials of different avenues. In the end, we generally don't play a song unless every member is happy with the sound. If something about the song displeases someone we take it back to the practice room until we are all happy again."

But on the stage is where the band really shines and comes together.

"A large part of what the listener hears at a show is improvised," said Steve Schaben, guitarist and vocalist. "There are two basic types of improvisation in the band: the kind in which one or two of us 'solo' and the rest of the band responds and the kind in which the entire band creates a uniform, cohesive, layered, group improvisation."

"What really gets me going," Cox said, "is seeing everyone dancing and having a good time."

The band has been touring relentlessly promoting their newest album, "Shoestring" and because of their love for performing.

"One of my favorite things about this band is the feeling I get onstage when we're all connected and free of any inhibitions when we're playing," Fioravanti said.

The Green Lemon band will be performing at 11 p.m. April 6 at Lighthouse. Cover charge is $5.

Contact Ashley Busch at or 278-7247.

Photo courtesy of The Green Lemon Band

Posing in the picture above, The Green Lemon Band consists of (from left to right) Chris Cox, Wayne Allen, Jonathan Cordero, Steve Schaben and Matt Fioravanti