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Students share five freedoms through action to elementary kids

Brittany Smith / News Editor

By presenting a series of skits about the importance of first amendment rights, the Five Freedoms Initiative made its debut at Elon.

George Padgett's new global course, Five Freedoms Under Attack, decided to spread the news about the First Amendment to 105 fifth-graders at Elon Elementary.

Before the global class presented to the elementary kids, they distributed a First Amendment pre-test and found out that the students had no prior knowledge about the first five freedoms.

The students will now have two weeks to learn the First Amendment. If the students successfully memorize the freedoms, each student will receive a pin to wear. If all the students in the classes learn the First Amendment, the students will receive a banner to hang in the hallway of the school.

"Memorizing the five freedoms is like passing a multiplication test. Its something that everyone should know," Padgett said.

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Photo submitted

The First Amendment Players celebrate after a successful performance for fifth grade students at Elon Elementary School Nov. 21. Students performed a series of skits demonstrating to elementary school students what could happen if they don't use and protect the five basic freedoms included in the First Amendment.