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In the Spotlight: 10 seniors share plans for the future

**Each student feature in this piece was nominated by the dean of their respective school. Information compiled by Leanne Jernigan, copy editor, and Rachel Abbott, business manager.


Courtney Kennedy

Major: Elementary Education major (K-6)

Internships: "As an education major, I have had multiple practicum experiences and have completed a semester of student teaching. In addition to my education field experiences, I had the opportunity to intern at Lutheran Family Services Refugee Resettlement in Greensboro this past summer as part of an InterVarsity Urban Project."

Plans after graduation: "I have accepted a position as a kindergarten teacher at North Graham Elementary, which is a Title I school in Graham, NC. I will also be leading children's worship for St. Mark's Church."

Favorite Elon memory: "It is extremely difficult to select one specific memory because I have so many to choose from! I must say that some of my most wonderful memories are from InterVarsity retreats - building strong friendships, being challenged in my faith and taking time to reflect and unwind. I also have great memories of random drives, intense conversations and innumerable funny moments with my roommate of four years."


Adam Davis

Majors: Business Administration – Concentration in Finance, Accounting and Economics

Internships: "I worked last summer as an intern with Crowe Chizek and Company in Columbus, Ohio, in the Financial Institutions Auditing group."

Plans after graduation: "This summer I will be working as an intern with Crowe Chizek and Company in Columbus, Ohio, in the Financial Institutions Auditing group. In the fall, I will begin my Master of Accounting program at The Ohio State University as a University Fellow."

Favorite Elon memory: "I wouldn't trade a minute of the time I spent at Elon for anything. I never imagined I would meet as many wonderful people and share in as many fantastic opportunities as I have over the past four years. Having the chance to be involved in such a vibrant and growing institution has been a great experience."


Jeneia Mullins

Major: International Finance with a minor in Spanish

Internships: Thomson Financial in London, Merrill Lynch in Greensboro, NC, intern for Senator Chuck Hagel in Washington, D.C., Career Center Ambassador at Elon, intern to Mike Johanns Campaign in Lincoln, NE.

Plans after graduation: "I'm taking part in the Financial Management Training Program with General Electric. It starts in the U.S. and has four rotations that will provide international experience."


Ryan Barnard

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics

Plans after graduation: "I've accepted an offer from Wake Forest to get a Master's in computer science; they're offering me a Teaching Assistantship that covers all of tuition/fees/etc. and provides a stipend to live on. But I'm keeping my options open for whatever other opportunities come along during the summer."

Favorite Elon memory: "Going to Washington, D.C. with the Honors program during the Cherry Blossom Festival and spending more time among the locals than the Honors group and feeling like a D.C. insider because of my friends' political and journalistic connections."


Amy Cowen

Major: Independent—-Visual Anthropology (combination of documentary photography and anthropology) with emphasis in African/African American studies with a minor in dance.

Plans after graduation: "I am going to finish ethnography and written thesis of Ethiopian Jewry; presentations at research conferences; hopefully obtain photography exhibitions and venues to present work, apply to the University of Chicago grad program."

Favorite Elon memory: "Study Abroad experiences—my research and photography abroad in Israel and Ethiopia. At Elon, the top four are: performing in the Elon Dancer's Spring Dance Concerts, choreographing a group piece for Fall Dance Concert 2003, giving presentations on my research and photography on Ethiopian Jews and my senior photography exhibition."


Aja Johnson

Majors: in Mathematics and Theatre Arts

Plans after graduation: "Starting in the Ph.D program in Mathematics at the University of Georgia this August. I hope to receive my Ph.D after five years and to teach mathematics at the university level, hopefully at a small liberal arts school like Elon."

Favorite Elon memory: "My favorite memory while going to school at Elon is not a specific instance, but something that happened over and over again - Math Tea! Every Thursday from 4-5 in Duke the math department gets together to eat and socialize under the premise of doing math. This was always my favorite part of the week, where I got to unwind and get to know my peers and professors better. (And the adorable Lauren Beuerle always makes any event better!) There are countless memories from Math Teas that I will always treasure!"


Amy Jo Jenkins

Majors: Journalism and International Studies with a minor in French

Internships: Alamance Magazine, University of Minnesota Department of Recreational Sports

Plans after graduation: "I accepted I accepted a graduate assistantship at The University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Recreational Sports working toward my masters in Higher Education. After grad school I'd like to work for an Outdoor Education program and at some point, join the Peace Corps for two years."

Favorite Elon memory: "Participating in Dance Marathon this past year and knowing how many people we were able to touch and influence. It was an amazing experience and I remember thinking that if these kids can go through all of that pain and suffering, I can certainly stand for 24 hours."


Lauren Cash

Major: Exercise Sports Science with a minor in psychology

Internships: "Practicums through Elon and I've volunteered on my own in the physical therapy setting."

Plans after gradation: UNC-Chapel Hill for Physical Therapy school

Favorite Elon memory: "All four years have provided a lot of memories!"


Robert Perera

Majors: Psychology and Computer Information Systems

Internships: "While at Elon I have served as a teaching assistant in both the computer science and psychology departments. I have also served as a research assistant in the psychology department, working closely with a professor on a new line of research."

Plans after graduation: "In the fall I will be attending the Ph.D program in quantitative psychology at the University of Notre Dame on a full tuition scholarship. After the five to seven years it will take to complete my degree I plan to teach at the university level."


Laith Majali

Major: Broadcast communications with a minor in theater

Internships: "I have had a number of internships, the first was with a production company in Jordan called milk carton productions, then I interned at JSS productions in Fairfax, Va., at the same time I was also interning in the media office of the Jordanian Embassy in Washington D.C. In my junior year I interned at the Travel Channel in London and then last summer I interned at Intralink Film and Graphic Design in Hollywood, CA, which is one of the top companies that do movie trailers."

Plans after graduation: "I will be moving to Los Angeles and hopefully working in the field of post-production. And I am currently working on a 'secret' project with a big producer."

Contact Leanne Jernigan and Rachel Abbott at or 278-7247.