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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Open Mic: Reality television: It's all about the prizes

Anyone who participates in a reality television show does so to win. Putting aside the fact that reality television shows are nothing more than contrived, more than likely scripted, situations made to look like reality, there does not seem to be a single show out there that does not have a wonderful little prize for the winner or the person who lasts the longest.

Photo courtesy of KRT Campus

Reality TV shows like "Survivor" (above) and "The Bachelor" are popular mainly because of human fascination with money and greed.

Celebrate! important week for student arts

For many students, SURF day means only one thing: no class. The reason class is canceled, however, is for the Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF). This is a chance for Elon students to attend sessions given by their peers. This year, Elon has decided to draw more attention to these events by making them part of the first annual "Celebrate! Student Achievements in Academics and the Arts."

'United 93:' A partial look at the future of 9/11 and films

Do you remember how you felt on Sept. 11, 2001? I do. I felt sadness for the lives that were lost and for the buildings that were destroyed, anger at the people responsible, and, a little later, pride at how we as Americans unified no matter our personal beliefs or political preferences. Remember, after Bush's first Address to the Nation following 9/11, Democrats chose not to give a rebuttal speech. Now, not even five years later, the country might be more divided than it was before 9/11.

In days of less quality music, the top 10 guitarists of all time

Over the past decade, I believe music has hit a serious decline in quality and standards. I have chosen to focus on the music of the lead guitar, the instrument that has been the icon of rock 'n' roll for as long as the genre has existed.