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Lighten Up

Answers will appear in the next issue of The Pendulum

Answers from April 13 issue


What's Hot:

+ There is a chance to win roundtrip airfare for two at Campus Rec's second annual Dodgeball Tournament.

+ Elon supporters broke ground with golden shovels Tuesday for two new academic pavilions.

Or Not:

- The weekend sun was washed away by rain Monday.

- Seniors are in disbelief that they are graduating in a month.  The real world is near.

- Work is piling up in every class as the end of the semester approaches.


Graduation Countdown: 30 Days


Strings Attached

"Strings Attached" follows a fictional rock band on the rise, showing the ins and outs of post-college life.  It will run in "The Pendulum" each week.  If you would like to follow more of the comic, the Web site is