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'Senioritis' affecting all Elon students, not only seniors

Lauren Doxsey / Features Editor

Are you beginning to develop a slowness, an apathy regarding classes and a procrastination toward school in general?  If you find yourself with any of these symptoms, you may have a case of senioritis.  Don't worry, you are not alone.

As the spring semester comes to a close, the majority of Elon students are finding it harder and harder to concentrate on school work.

Summer vacation is on the brink and that's pretty much all students can think about.  Senioritis is making its way around campus, affecting not only those who are graduating, but underclassmen as well.

"I'm finding it difficult to concentrate," sophomore Amy Crismond said.  "The work just keeps getting piled on at the end of the semester and all I want to do is have fun instead of writing papers, doing projects and studying."

The increasingly warm southern weather doesn't make it any easier for students.

"It's so nice outside that I don't want to be cramped up inside doing work when I could be outside playing basketball," sophomore Kyle Shade said.

"With the weather getting so nice, all I want to do is go to the beach, hang out with my friends and not do any work," Crismond said.

"Summer is the only thing I can really think about right now."

With graduation just around the corner, several seniors are beginning to use it as an excuse to disregard their schoolwork.

"It's definitely an added distraction," senior Chris Hickey said.

Anxious for classes to end and finals to be completed, many students have become lazy and busy thinking about their summer plans.

"Knowing that I am about to graduate and will soon be done with school decreases my motivation to do any school work," senior Dana Timmons said.

On the other hand, the end of the semester does cause students to work harder to keep their grades up.  That last "A" on an assignment may make a big difference in the end.

"I feel like I've come so far that I'm doing what I have to in order to finish," Timmons said.  "I'm definitely anxious to graduate but I'd rather leave on a good note than be sick and tired of Elon, so I'm trying to enjoy the rest of my time here."

Senior Anna Glodowski is one of the few students who is trying her hardest not to become sidetracked with thoughts of the beach.

"Although my time at Elon is coming to a close, I am still concerned with my academic work," Glodowski said.

Students only have a little less than a month to look foward to.

Regardless, many upperclassmen have been living by the following slogan for the past semester: "Senioritis: we'd fight for a cure, but we're just too lazy."

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