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Students roll out

Cars on campus follow national brand buying trends

Krista Naposki / Special Projects Editor

Senior Vicky Pirkey has had a car on campus since her freshman year.

"I wanted to be able to go home whenever I wanted to and go to Wal-Mart whenever I wanted to," Pirkey said.

About half of Elon's students have a car registered with Elon Campus Safety and Police, as of Feb. 1.

 Out of the 3,338 cars on campus, the most popular car on campus is the Honda Accord, followed by the Honda Civic, Ford Explorer and Toyota Camry.

Those cars, except the Ford Explorer, were named in Forbes magazine's list of best cars for college kids in 2005.

"I liked my Honda Accord because of the gas mileage," junior Greg Abbott said.  "It's a cheap, reliable car."

Five out of the top 10 most popular cars were also on the top-selling list in 2005.

The Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima and Ford Explorer all ranked in the top 10 cars sold in 2005, according to

Most cars on campus are from 2000.  Over half of the cars were made in the current decade, from 1996 to 2006.

Junior Dominique Mitchell has a 1993 Toyota Celica.

"It was used and cheap," Mitchell said.  "It is not as efficient as new cars, but it still runs and has a  lot of years ahead of it.

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Top 10 cars on campus

1. Honda Accord

2. Honda Civic

3. Ford Explorer

4. Toyota Camry

5. Jeep Cherokee

6. Volkswagen Jetta

7. Toyota Corolla

8. Toyota 4-runner

9. Jeep Grand Cherokee

10. Nissan Altima