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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Champions of liberal arts

Many liberal arts universities across the country are well known for a certain area they excel in on campus. Like those universities, Elon has distinguished schools in the fields of communication and business.

America's immigration quagmire

In the past few weeks on Capitol Hill, legislation has been in front of Congress concerning the growing immigration problem. There are separate bills in the House and in the Senate.

If you don't have a good reason for the way you are voting: Stop, drop the ballot and go home

Elon University just finished "Citizen Week," what appeared to be a weeklong voter registration drive with no focus on the responsibilities that come along with the right to vote. So, here's a little belated education.

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A child teaches a lesson of forgiveness

A few weeks ago, five-year-old Kai Leigh Harriott, who lives near Boston, was accidently shot by a bullet by 29-year-old Anthony Warren. It was a stray bullet that entered her spine, leaving her paralyzed.

With Love, From Chile: A look at another country's culture and customs

Recently, I went to an open-air market in a suburb of Santiago de Chile, where mostly fresh fruit and vegetables are sold. The one thing I love most about this country is the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables at good prices. In the United States, it's not cheap to eat well. In Chile, healthy food is reasonably priced and actually healthier than in the United States.