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Champions of liberal arts

Many liberal arts universities across the country are well known for a certain area they excel in on campus.

Like those universities, Elon has distinguished schools in the fields of communication and business.

Both programs are housed in very nice facilities on campus that illustrate their prominence on campus.

But unlike many of these other liberal arts colleges, Elon never overlooks the importance of the actual liberal arts in their liberal arts school.

With the construction of the huge new business building, one would think that Elon would be pleased with its growth and work in that area.

Also, with more and more students entering the newly-accredited school of communications, there is every reason to believe that the university would find itself content in where they are at the moment.

But Elon does not settle with this.

With a first-year program and eight hours required in an array of liberal arts studies, Elon is not letting the liberal arts aspect of the Elon experience be overshadowed.

This past Tuesday, there were groundbreaking ceremonies for two new pavilions in the academic village.

The entire academic village is proof that Elon encourages liberal arts education to enhance the collegiate experience.

The academic village is currently composed of three pavilions: the Isabella Cannon International Studies Pavilion, the William R. Kenan Jr. Honors Pavilion and the Ella Darden and Elmon Lee Gray Pavilion, which houses the department of political science.

These pavilions are places where faculty and students can gather together in and out of class to discuss common interests and enhance their knowledge through various opportunities offered there.

For example, in the Gray Pavilion, political science students can get hands-on experience in the importance of public opinion through participating in the distinguished Elon Poll.

The Honors and International Pavilions are the residences of their respective students, allowing these groups to create a bond to carry them through their studies.

Each of these pavilions also has two classrooms in which students can gather.

The new pavilions are the Royall H. Spence Jr. Pavilion, where the philosophy and religious studies departments will move to, and the William Henry Belk Pavilion, which will hold  Elon's Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

Both pavilions will further the importance of liberal arts on campus as well as allow more accessibility to their resources all in one location.

So while other schools may put a lot of weight on a certain area of study, Elon makes sure its students are well-rounded and that all of the students' interests of further education are provided for at a superior level.

Students may complain about the required classes, but what they are receiving is a true liberal arts education.

Without these requirements, the Elon experience would not be the same.

You would not be the same.

It is something to be proud of that even with excelling programs on campus, Elon does not leave the liberal arts behind.

The university is constantly making these programs stronger, which helps all of us in the long run and Elon students are blessed with these opportunities to expand their knowledge and have their different needs  met at the same, outstanding level.

Take advantage of these new pavilions and all they have to offer, as well as all the courses available in liberal arts studies.

And know that in the future, Elon will continue to strive for more.