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To the Editor:

Students of Elon, are you finding it hard to have fun and let loose at parties because you're not affiliated with a fraternity?

Myself and many other concerned students are dealing with this exact problem.

After attending Elon for two years, it has come to my attention that much of the social life revolves around Greek life.

Fraternities not only force you to pay expensive dues, but they also can lead to the exclusion of many students at Elon.

Imagine you're waiting in line to attend a party in the Loy Center and while everyone around you is being let in, you're left outside because you don't know the handshake.

Or perhaps you have been in the position where some popped-collar brother belligerently asks you to fork over five dollars for some keg that you won't even see.

This type of thing needs to stop.  You might come from a wealthy background, but guess what–I don't care. Rho Rho Rho is in town.

This is an establishment for the common man who wants to have a good time without having to pay money or become someone's slave for an extended period of time.

Listen, this is all about chillin', having a good time and being part of a group that isn't exclusive.

I have held my tongue for too long.

Spending a Saturday night in the Greek court might be the "cool" thing to do, but I think it sucks.

 I am sending the invitation to anyone at Elon to come take part in our establishment. We don't care where you're from, who you are or what your GPA is.

Rho Rho Rho is here to change your life and the lives of others drastically.

 I would also like to make it clear that this establishment has no ties to the university what so ever.

Let the revolution of Rho Rho Rho begin.

Interested in finding out more about all of this? Please send emails to


-Bradley McLaughlin '08