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This week: Matt Friedman

Wake up, it's playoff time

Diaper dandy, super-scintillating sensation and Awesome with a capital A are phrases to be left to the NCAA basketball post-season.  The NBA doesn't need analysts hyped up on spiked coffee to tell you how great it is.  The NBA playoffs begin this weekend, and it will be a showcase of arguably the most talented wave of players that the league has ever seen.

Some say that the NBA ballers are greedy and don't have the heart and determination of those who finished earlier this month.  Actually try and watch the playoffs, then re-think that statement.  Watch the marathon that is the two month NBA playoff format, and be prepared to be left in awe by the performances of the most gifted players in the world.  Watch Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne Wade, Melo and try to say with a straight face that J.J. Reddick and Adam Morrison are half as exciting.

There are several great story lines as these playoffs begin.  One is the first playoff appearance for LeBron James, who has raised his game through the roof to become an MVP candidate in his third season.

Also, other superstars like Dwayne and Kobe will try to carry their teams deep into the playoffs.  Another question is who can bring down the Pistons. The Spurs, who took down the Pistons last year to win the title, are questionable due to a hobbled Tim Duncan.  Another problem that teams face with the Pistons is that they are the best Pistons team ever.  Most assume another Pistons-Spurs match up, but beware of a dark horse like the Mavericks in the West or the Nets in the East.

It should be another exciting second season in the NBA, and the superior display of skills will drop jaws and hopefully open the eyes of those blind to the NBA.