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Online organization could benefit students

Martina Barnett/ Reporter

Do you find yourself scribbling down lists of things you have to get done? Ever get tired of scrambling to find a sticky note, an index card, or even a gum wrapper to write down a reminder?

If so, meet the latest version of refrigerator-magnet task lists: iPrioritize.
Developed by entrepreneur Adam McFarland, the web-based to do list is designed to help busy people organize their tasks and responsibilities.

“While I was in the working world, I noticed that people would come to the boss and ask what needed to be done,” McFarland said. “I decided to develop something that could help them.”

McFarland, a 2004 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said that he tailored the program to accommodate the busy, hectic lifestyle of working people and students.

“The first target is the business person; the manager with four or five employees,” McFarland said. “They can re-adjust their priorities, and manage work and individuals. And students are a perfect target.”

So, the next time you need to jot down some errands, or even plan out your schedule, visit and start organizing your life today.

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