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Did the Bowl Championship Series finally get it right?


I would prefer to see Michigan and Ohio State play for the National Championship, but it’s unfair to say the BCS got it wrong this year. Florida deserves to play for the National Championship.
They only lost one game while playing one of the toughest schedules in college football, which included three teams in the top 15.

Yes, Michigan’s only loss was to the No. 1 team in the country, but they had their chance to unseat the Buckeyes and they lost.

The BCS system is not perfect, but I think a playoff system would be worse. With a playoff system, it would not mean as much to finish the season undefeated. This season it would have made the Michigan-Ohio State game and the SEC Championship between Florida and Arkansas pointless, because no matter who won or lost they would all get another shot at the National Championship.

It needs improvements here and there, but the BCS is the best option for college football right now.

Michigan over USC, Oklahoma over Boise State, Louisville over Wake Forest, LSU over Notre Dame, Ohio State destroys Florida.


Florida head coach Urban Meyer explained it best when he called the BCS an “imperfect” system. Although his Gators were the recipient of the BCS working in their advantage, Meyer understands that things need to change. A playoff format is the only way to solve the current crisis in college football and someone needs to step up and make that change.

It seems that Michigan was punished for not playing the last two weeks. I believe the Wolverines proved they were the number two team in the nation when they lost 39-42 at Ohio State. Put that game in a neutral site and who knows what would happen. I think Florida is a great team and they played a tough schedule, but they are clearly playing for a national title because they had a late season schedule advantage.

Now to my predictions for the BCS bowls, I think Michigan beats USC in the Rose Bowl. Michigan is too strong a team and would have crushed UCLA. Boise State beats Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl with their potent offense. Louisville beats Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl. Notre Dame will finally end their bowl losing streak against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Finally, I think Ohio State beats Florida in a blowout in the Championship Game, leaving us all wondering about the Michigan game that never happened.


Michigan deserved to play in the national championship game more than Florida.

While Florida does play in arguably the hardest conference in college football, the SEC, their non-conference schedule was a joke. They played all weak teams, including Division 1-AA Western Carolina. Yes the same Western Carolina that Elon beat earlier this season. Michigan, on the other hand, plays in the tough Big Ten conference and had a much harder out-of-conference schedule, including the then No. 2 ranked team in the nation, Notre Dame. They not only dominated the Irish, but did it on the road at South Bend, Indiana.

Also, Michigan matches up much better against Ohio State than the Gators do. The Wolverines have an offense that is just as explosive as Florida’s and they have a much better defense. They are one of only two teams to keep a game close against Ohio State in a game that was played at Ohio State, considered by many to be the hardest place in the nation to play at. I can understand the decision that was made and how the men in charge thought it would be better to not have a rematch of an earlier game for the national championship, but now they have virtually handed Ohio State the championship trophy.