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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Volume 33, Issue 1


FRONT PAGE: Why we evade the environment


The North Pole is ice-free during the summer. Coral reefs are dying. Rhode Island-sized chunks of glaciers in Antarctica are breaking off. Polar bears are endangered.

While it is impossible to trace a direct correlation between these occurrences and our own human actions, scientific evidence points mainly at human activity, especially America’s lax use of natural resources, to subjecting our globe to a phenomenon completely derived from man, completely stoppable by man and unlike anything ever experienced.

The largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the U.S. dumps over 5,796 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the environment annually. While it is not a foreign topic, it is a rare one, since no one is exempt from being an addition to our climate change.

However, as the physical effects become more prevalent everyday and previous disbelievers come around, one question remains: if the problem and solution are outlined, why do our actions revolving around this heightening crisis remain minimal?


NEWS: Alternative fuel smells of french fries

Need to get around campus this weekend? Why not take a colorful approach? Elon's newest addition to its lineup of trams is a green and blue clad bus that runs entirely on a an alternative energy source - soybeans.


This "bio-bus" is one of four expected to eventually crawl throughout the campus. The current one serves the outer loop route, making trips to and from University Pointe.


Opinions: Science fiction becomes science fact

It sounds like science fiction. The British Government has expressed resistance to the idea of creating "Human-Hybrid" embryos, reportedly, for the use in stem cell research. A temporary ban has caused uproar in the scientific community. Britain has long been a leader in stem cell research, and is considered a model for any similar American research project.


Features: Migrating to the Ministry

After many years at Elon, public speaking instructor Mark Fox is shifting gears between communications and the clergy.


Arts & Entertainment: 2006 Year in review for movies

Top movies tapped into a variety of emotions and themes that appealed to many, while several Mexican filmmakers made their mark.

Includes reviews for: "United 93", "An Inconvenient Truth", "Children of Men", and "The Descent".


Sports: Phoenix hopes to rebound after slow start


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