More from RU Sirius (real name, Ken Goffman)

Wearing blackout goggles and a Lycra glove, or perhaps a full-body cybersuit, you might be plugging into your PC and mentally inhabiting space there. You might build yourself a room there. And decorate it. You might entertain good-looking friends there. You might fall in love. - 1992
I'm just astonished by the terror that can be unleashed by these things. Who's going to control all this technology? The corporations, of course. And will that mean your brain implant is going to come complete with a corporate logo, and 20 percent of the time you're going to be hearing commercials? - 1992
One of the great ironies of information economics is that while information can be trivially copied and the information bandwidth continues to widen, the individual's attention bandwidth is as narrow as ever. In information economics, post-scarcity reaches its reduction ad absurdum. - 1994
Maybe there's some evolutionary force pushing us toward a complete exteriorization of our individual psychic landscapes, a mutual exposure. Clearly, we are wiring ourselves in, each to the other. We seem to be creating, through media and communications technology, what some have called a species- wide nervous system. - 1994


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