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Internet Governance Policy Survey - November 2007

This Web page contains some of the qualitative written elaborations  gathered among the data in a survey of IGF participants that was fielded to measure attitudes about current and likely Internet governance policy initiatives. Responses were gathered from 206 IGF attendees, roughly 15 percent of Forum participants, representing 60 countries. The Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 12-15, 2007, was the second of five annual global events that attract stakeholders who come together to discuss issues tied to the future of information and communications technologies.  Respondents were asked to provide written elaborations about their concerns for the future of the Internet in open-ended response boxes on the survey; some chose not to reply to every question asked, so you will not find 206 responses to each question. The researchers express their thanks to survey respondents, some of whom spent up to an hour carefully considering and providing their input for this survey. The written responses were sometimes composed in a mix of languages and some were written with grammatical or syntax errors but had a discernible meaning; these have been edited to bring clarity for use on this site. Please address any inquiries about the data to

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This page contains responses to the question asking WHY PARTICIPANTS ATTENDED IGF. To go to other open-ended responses, click on the appropriate category below:


Open-ended response number nine


What would you describe as the purpose of your attendance at the Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?


Advocate for cultural diversity (includ. languages/scripts) and international and national multi-stakeholder approaches.


To learn more about the issues and challenges facing the Internet governance.

I've been deeply involved with Internet in my country, since the beginning both from public and private sector in a leader capacity positions. I will attend India Forum as well.

To present a case for the fast-tracking of internationalized domain names.

Educational and finding groups with same ideals and goals.

To get the idea of what others think.

Get more information about it.

Fact-finding, networking.

Promote the development of critical Internet resources issues.

Contribute and share experience from the top-level domain perspective.

Keep track of what is going on.

To evaluate.

To advocate child protection online.

Support multilingual computing and access.

Identify synergies between environment and information technologies.

Unless IGF operates through a series of local forums dealing with same agenda so that all voices could be expressed, the whole process is fraught with fundamental limitations and biases.

To understand the new policies to be discussed and formulating in our country; to talk about issues being faced by Internet world presently.

My company works with website development, but it is not really integrated to the Internet’s main problems and concerns. I am here to learn and to get in touch with Internet and the world.

Panelist speaker in the equitable access and multi-stakeholder partnership-related workshops.

To be up to date with the current issues relating to IT and to observe interaction between major players.

To show other ways to do the job well, without over regulation.

To promote the work of my organization.

To develop the global Internet.

Understanding/networking/presenting a paper.

To ensure access for people with disabilities.

Ensure public policy adoption in the country wrt Internet does not inhibit business or harm commercial interests.

Learning and networking.

Exchange of information with other players.

Learning purposes.

Learn and exchange information with the attendees.

To network, to learn what IGF is all about and its relevance to development.

Engagement in the process.

Contributing to global policy making and benefiting from information exchanged.

To learn more about emerging issues – updating.

To know more about being an active stakeholder.

Networking with people.

Internet should be more cheap, accessible.

To try to get consensus on mandating that developer tools should be accessible, for it otherwise denies the disabled the fundamental right to exercise their chosen profession.

Policy issues and the future of Internet.

To better understand some technical and political aspects in order to give a broader vision of this discussion process.

To follow the discussions on Internet critical resources.

I would like to highlight the youth and the emerging issues concerning them and would like to promote the priorities of the youth in the IG Forum.

Represent my organization as organizer, speaker and panelist.

To learn more about what is, can and should be done to use the Internet more effectively as a tool to better quality of life, particularly through education.

Sharing experience in the field of law enforcement, meeting other people that are involved in security.

To encourage a focus on access and security.

To observe multistakeholderism at work.

To disseminate work of our network and to learn from other participants contributions and bring those back to my network.

To keep up to date with Internet governance discussions.

Studying the process of reaching agreement through the IGF.

Learn Internet governance issues to advise my government.

To learn from others' experience in solving the Internet problems that the world faces as far as security and regulation is concerned. And also to contribute and share with others what my country experiences. Getting best practice if any is crucial to the use promotion of the Internet in my country.

Data collection.

To report on the issue of diversity in the Internet.

Update in issues and relationship of IGF and development.

Learning and sharing.

Networking and exchange of knowledge and experience.

Establish new agreements and a network on the Internet security field.

Academic interest.

To understand the issues with Internet governance and to find out what is being done to address them.

Talk in several panels, meet civil society and governments officials.

Learn, listen and see with which policy challenges the EU will be confronted.

Record/analyze event and report back to funding organization.

I am a member of a Tunisian NGO dubbed ATIM.

The will to learn more about Internet governance and participate on the debates.

Learn. Disseminate. Participate.

To learn, network and better understand the Internet governance process and people.

Putting the issues of the ccTLDs on the agenda.

Learning and updating. Use of Internet as a source of learning and teaching process.
To continue to engage in and advance debate.

Participate, learn and share experiences.

To understand what the Internet community is doing to address "Access to Knowledge" (A2K).

Learning experience from IGF and bringing it to my country.

Networking and learning.

To lobby for considering environmental sustainability in Internet development.

Participation in the Stop Spam Alliance meeting.

Participate in sessions and hold research talks on ongoing research on access to knowledge.


To participate in global issues of Internet governance.

Egyptian delegation.

To hear what people have to say because last year I found it hard to watch the webcasts.

I am researching the IGF and a dynamic coalition leader.

Present information about Internet administrative issues; understand positions of other stakeholders in this area.

To try and make sure the right decisions are made.

Increasing network.

Knowing studies on the social impact of technology and discussions on rights on the Internet.

Support press.

Monitor the discussions on access and neutrality of the network in order to share the discussions with other activists.

Making that all are included online.


Learning from the different looks and see how it develops state-of-art Internet today. The challenges for developing countries and Latin America.

Our reality and totally different from the life of Europeans why my anguish, when it comes to something in Brazil that will not reach the majority of the population.

Regulations below and multilenguas.

Improvement in the resources of the Internet.

The goal and learn more information about the Internet.

Report what is discussed here for the general public.

Student of the themes.

Studies for the university.

Being in touch with the evolution of the negotiations and the trends in the management of the Internet on the themes concerning the various possible areas to be regulated. Also to perfect my positions on all matters relating to regulation worldwide.

Knowing more about the subject, to bring this knowledge to my country.

Knowing that is driving the world in Internet.

To learn more.


Building on the achievements of the World Summit on the Information Society and not to discourage people of the world!

Lobbying, Advocacy, Exchange.

Learning and contribute to decisions.


To know the Internet and its problems of governance/security.

Immerse the questions on aspects of the Internet in an attempt to replicate the success case in my country.

To carry the voice of users!

Recontrer. Apprendze.

Contributing to debate and exchanges dídres aves other participants.

Represent my country and make proposals on the problem of Internet governance.

Espere bring the discussion at the local level.

Speaking of the dangers to children.

My presence here at Rio is to brief me on what is happening on Internet governance, to participate in the debate and also to ensure that the freedom of Internet users is respected.

I followed the World Summit for the Information Society in Geneva. I got involved in the governance of the Internet as an advocate for the protection of children's rights. I was coordinator of the Caucus Rights of the Child.

For my country to understand the issues behind this political forum. To help my government understand that the issue of content is more important than it appears at first, and that it is important to follow the evolutions that relate.

Networking, exchange of information.

Bringing the voice of Africa and the 5 billion not presently on the Internet.

Eve reglementaire.

An interesting idea to regulate Internet.

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