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Transcripts - an aggregation of answers:
24 people share their thoughts on the networked future

This page contains links to transcripts of the remarks made by interview participants at the Metaverse Roadmap Summit at Stanford Research Institute in May 2006. Each person was asked a series of five questions regarding the future; only the most "telling" responses were transferred from the recordings into these transcripts - when a respondent chose not to respond to one of the queries or answered by basically repeating a previously recorded idea, the answer was not keyed in. Thus, some of these interview transcripts will include five questions and five answers, some will have four question-answer sets or fewer.

To jump to a particular interviewee's set of answers, you can click on the person's name below.

Bridget Agabra
Betsy Book
Corey Bridges
Iveta Brigis
Jamais Cascio
Helen Cheng
Esther Dyson
Doug Engelbart
Randy Farmer
Guy Garnett
Will Harvey
Daniel James
Raph Koster
Mike Liebhold
Julian Lombardi
Bob Moore
Jerry Paffendorf
Marty Poulin
Robert Scoble
John Smart
David Smith
Sibley Verbeck
Malcolm Williamson
Ethan Zuckerman

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