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Anya Kamenetz
"What's the Economy For?"

Thursday, September 10
Whitley Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

There's been constant and scary talk in the news about the complicated financial crises and grave economic challenges our country is currently facing. Anya Kamenetz has a gift for breaking down the situation in understandable and relatable terms. She can offer college students or young employees good long-term strategies for starting their careers and managing their money in a downturn. There is a silver lining for young people who wake up to what's happening now: this new generation can learn to save, treat their money with respect, and develop financial integrity that will lay the foundation for future growth.

Since graduating from Yale University in 2002, Kamenetz has been a New York City-based freelance writer. In 2004, the Village Voice nominated her for a Pulitzer Prize in feature writing for her work on the series "Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young." In January 2005, the series became a biweekly column and Kamenetz became one of the youngest columnists in the paper's history. Today, she reaches millions with her "Generation Debt" online column as a personal finance expert for Yahoo! Finance. She is also a staff writer for Fast Company magazine.

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