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Orville Schell
"The Importance of China to the U.S.: From Climate Change, Trade to the U.S. Debt"

Wednesday, September 30
LaRose Digital Theatre, Koury Business Center, 7:30 p.m.

One of the most well-informed observers on China, Schell is director of the Asia Society's Center on U.S. China Relations. As the world's super economies remain in the throes of change, Schell will report on the current climate and suggest how a strong, collaborative relationship between the United States and China is critical to global peace and security in the future.


Orville Schell was born in New York City and graduated from Harvard University magne cum laude in Far Eastern History studying under Professors Benjamin Schwartz and John King Fairbank.

Professor Schell has worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia and covered the war in Indochina for magazines such as the Atlantic Monthly and the New Republic. Since then, he has written widely for many other magazines and newspapers including The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Harpers, The Nation, The New York Review of Books, Wired, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, the China Quarterly, and the New York Times. He has written fourteen books, nine on China, and is at work on an interpretation of the last 100 years of Chinese history.


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Admission is free and a ticket is not required