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Steven Johnson
"Imagine If: What the World Needs Now"

Wednesday, March 31
LaRose Digital Theatre, Koury Business Center, 7:30 p.m.

Johnson is a proponent of lateral thinking, the theory that nothing around us is permanent and that most anything can be re-imagined and improved. After years as an urban planner and author of two books of thought-provoking concepts, Johnson will present a stimulating talk about a whimsical, but highly plausible, creative process.


Since the early 1970s, he has toiled away quietly in his free time creating a “line” of alternative products and systems that he hopes will benefit or at least amuse his fellow consumer-citizens. He has also ventured into an edgier area, making predictions about the future. His ideas, and his methods for arriving at ideas, are somewhat unique. He has perhaps benefitted from having had little formal instruction in art, nor training in engineering or industrial design. Curious images have filled his mind during weekends and odd free moments, while he was earning a living in careers as urban planner, newspaper artist and future trends analyst at California companies. Only after he turned 36 did he discover he had an inventor and designer inside himself, wanting to come out.


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Admission is free and a ticket is not required.