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(English as official language)

English must be designated the official language of the state of Arizona. President Theodore Roosevelt made the simple observation that "we have one language here and that is the English language." English has always been the primary means of assimilating millions of immigrants into American society. A common language promotes unity and understanding and is as vital to the health of a nation as having a common currency. Had our government catered to each new group of immigrants by using their language instead of English, there would never have been any incentive to truly become Americans. Arizonans must recognize these facts and require that all official government actions be conducted in English. By making English the official language, we also eliminate the wasteful spending used to translate millions of state documents into hundreds of languages, although other languages can still be used in a wide variety of key government functions such as trade and tourism. By making English the official state language we provide an even greater incentive for all immigrants to learn English, become empowered and productive citizens, and participate in society as full Americans.

• Official English promotes unity.

• Official English empowers immigrants.

• Official English is common sense government.

The designation of Official English will eliminate the needless duplication of government services in multiple languages. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer to provide services in the 329 different languages spoken in the United States.

The Honorable Russell Pearce, Arizona House of Representatives

Paid for by "Russell Pearce 2004"


The Arizona Farm Bureau supports proposition 103.

A measure with some similarities had been approved by the Arizona voters, but was ruled unconstitutional. This measure seeks to avoid such a pitfall by being more of a statement that English is the official language of government - more of a statement of principle.

Some call this divisive and insulting, but what we find troubling is that agreement as to English as a common denominator should be used as a method to unify us and cement shared civic traditions and values - not divide us.


For the economic and civic benefit of all of us, and for safety of workers, we should be promoting English as our official language. It does not exclude or deny other languages or deny anyone their culture, but reinforces that we all have a stake in an American society. It is not a statement of "English only."

This argument has ebbed and flowed since colonial times, but we keep coming back to the fact that we do need a common thread of language if we have any hope of keeping the rope that binds us together strong.

Kevin G. Rogers, President, Arizona Farm Bureau, Mesa

James. W. Klinker, Chief Administrative Officer, Arizona Farm Bureau, Mesa

Paid for by "Arizona Farm Bureau"


As a candidate for Peoria School Board, parent, school volunteer, and community activist; I SUPPORT making English our official language. Official English promotes unity and encourages immigrants to learn English, which in turn, will provide them better opportunities. A study published by the U.S. Department of Labor found that immigrants learned English more quickly when there was less native language support around them. Making English our official language applies only to government functions. Language policies in private business will not be affected and private citizens are still free to use any language they wish in their daily lives. Use of foreign languages in public health and safety, tourism, and other common sense situations will still be allowed. 27 states have some form of official English law. It's time to unify our nation. Please join me in voting YES to English as our state's official language.

Debbie Lesko, Community & School Volunteer and Candidate for Peoria School Board, Glendale


This Ballot Measure is very important to ensure that the various state, county and municipal government agencies serve the citizens of Arizona in a fair and impartial manner. The apologists for the illegal invasion of our state try to paint this measure as a racial measure, which is ludicrous. Immigrants who come to this country legally with the intent to become a part of this incredibly successful experiment, called America, are required to learn English as a precursor to applying for citizenship.

It is important to remember that this measure does NOT prevent communication in another language by private citizens or government officials in any way. This measure merely demands that the Official Actions of the government be conducted in English for consistency and efficiency.

It is obvious to even the casual observer that people who are born and raised in American are able to speak English. If legal immigrants must learn to speak English prior to full participation in our society, than the performing of government official functions in another language is being used for those here illegally. It is unconscionable to increase the cost of government to all taxpayers to make it convenient for the lawbreakers who have invaded our state.

I ask you join me in support of this Ballot Measure that protects the Arizona taxpayers from another insulting cost of the illegal invasion of our state. Thank you for your support of this common sense measure presented by your state representatives. **Paid for by Goldwater for Governor Committee.**

Don Goldwater, Goldwater for Governor, Laveen