(For more information on the Honor Board or the expecations of the board members, please contact Jodean Schmiederer, Associate Dean of Students for Leadership and Honor Code.)

Applications DUE FEBURARY 11

Honor Board

The Honor Board hears all academic policy violation cases for which the student denies responsibility. It also hears social policy cases referred by the Office of Student Conduct that involve gross violation(s) of community standards or personal violations (fighting, other acts of violence, weapons, drugs, etc.). Due to the number of individuals involved in the process, the timeline for scheduling the hearing may be longer than for an administrative hearing, but will still be within a reasonable amount of time.

The Elon Honor Board consists of twelve students (elected by the student body or administratively appointed by the SGA President), seven faculty (three appointed by the Academic Council and four appointed by the provost/vice president for academic affairs), and four Student Life administrators (appointed by the vice president of student life).A quorum is three students, one faculty member and one student life administrator. The associate vice president for academic affairs and associate dean of students (or their designee) are non-voting members of the Elon Honor Board and act as conveners of the board for academic policy hearings and social policy hearings.  (From the Elon Student Handbook)

Interested in serving on the Elon Honor Board?

The honor board is great experience for students interested in mediation, education, counseling, conflict resolution, law and communications.  Honor board elections for students occur during the spring semester of each academic year.  The number of open positions will depend upon returning members.  Appointments by the SGA president typically occur in April/May.  If a seat becomes vacant during the academic year, the SGA president may appoint new members.  Please contact the SGA president directly if you are interested in an appointment to the Elon honor board.

Expectations of Honor board members

Honor board members will:

1. Abide by the academic and social policies of the Elon Honor Code

2. Remain objective during hearings and deliberation

3. Attend all assigned hearings (no more than two per month)

4. Attend any in-service training which may be required (up to two trainings/meetings per month)

5. Attend the regular Honor Board meetings (typically Tuesdays at 5pm)

6. Have a clear understanding of the Elon Honor Code

7. Be aware of the philosophical and educational goals behind the student conduct process

8. Be willing to speak openly and freely, including tactfully challenging other board members

9. Understand the distinction between a University Hearing and a court of law

10. Always remember that Honor Board members represent not just themselves, but the entire Elon community