Restitution Hours

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Campus Restitution Hours

Campus restitution hours are intended to benefit the individual and the campus (such as working in a campus office or completing an assigned project). Hours must be completed with an Elon University office or organization unless pre-approved by the Hearing Officer. If a student does not complete the assigned restitution hours by the required date, hours may be increased, a fine may be assessed, and/or student may be additionally charged with Failure to Comply with the Lawful Directive of a University Official.

Students will be assigned a specific number of hours and a deadline date by which hours should be completed. In general, hearing officers allow one week for each five hours assigned, plus one week for identifying and communicating with a site. Thus, a student sanctioned to 25 restitution hours would have six weeks to complete her service (5 weeks + 1 week prep time).

Unless the hearing officer sanctions a specific site, students are responsible for identifying and contacting a restitution hours site. Once you have identified a potential site, you should email the site supervisor and indicate your deadline, your number of sanctioned hours, and your availability (class schedule and mandatory out-of-class meetings).

Community Restitution Hours

In some cases, a hearing officer may assign or approve restitution hours to be completed with a community organization. All students must receive written pre-approval from their hearing officer for any service they wish to complete with a community organization or office. If a student does not obtain pre-approval from the hearing officer, hours will not be accepted and the incomplete restitution hours policy will apply.

Community restitution hours must be documented in the following manner: on official organization letterhead or organization email address with contact information for your site supervisor. The letter should indicate the number of hours you completed, the type of service, and verification that you did not receive any payment or academic credit for your service. Letters should be mailed or faxed to the Office of Student Conduct or emailed to studentconduct@elon.edu.

Incomplete/Overdue Restitution Hours

If a student does not complete the assigned restitution hours by the required date, hours may be increased, a fine may be assessed at a rate of $20 per incomplete hour, and/or student may be additionally charged with Failure to Comply with the Directive of a University Official. 

Frequently-Asked Questions About Restitution Hours

How do I find a site for completion of my hours?

See the list of current restitution sites and opportunities. This list is updated on a regular basis, so check frequently for additions and changes. You may also contact an office, faculty, or staff person not on the list to see if there are any projects or programs in need of volunteers. You can check the “volunteer” section on e-Net! for upcoming service opportunities. An Elon faculty or staff person must sign to confirm your hours (unless pre-approved by your hearing officer). If you are unable to find a site, contact your hearing officer to assist in identifying opportunities.

Can I complete my hours with more than one site (office or organization)?

Since this sanction is meant to provide service while making a connection with an office or organization, you are encouraged to complete all of your sanctioned hours with a single site. You may assist with events, administrative duties or other special projects. In order to ensure that your hours are completed by the due date, you should discuss your number of restitution hours and deadline with the office/organization at the beginning of your service. If you are unable to find a single office or organization with which you can fulfill all of your hours, you may choose to complete service with more than one organization.

Can I request an extension of my deadline?

Incomplete or overdue sanctions may result in additional hours, fines or student conduct charges. If you find that you are falling behind on completion of your hours, you should work with your site supervisor to adjust your schedule or find new/additional projects. If a site cancels your hours or you are otherwise unable to complete your hours due to no fault of your own, you should immediately notify your hearing officer. Your hearing officer has sole discretion for approving requests for deadline extensions.