Social Violations

Reporting Suspected Violations - Students

All members of the university community are expected to abide by our Honor Code values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. Each student has a responsibility to ensure our shared values are upheld. Students will not be penalized or discriminated against in any way for reporting incidents, but any student who knowingly files a false or malicious complaint may be charged with lying under the social honor code.

Submission of a report does not automatically initiate proceedings. A university staff member will review the report to determine appropriate action. Reporting students are not required to be part of the student conduct process. Though we accept anonymous reports, we may not be able to pursue formal university action based solely on information from anonymous sources. The more information and detail you are able to provide will help ensure we hold students accountable for their decisions and actions.

Because student conduct proceedings for social and academic policy charges are to be conducted expeditiously, prompt reporting (within two weeks of the incident) is encouraged. The length of time between the incident and when it is reported is a consideration in whether the University will pursue charges. Reports received 6 months or more after an incident will normally not be considered for university charges.

If you become aware of a possible social policy violation, you should submit a social policy violation report or contact the Office of Student Conduct (336-278-7271) with questions.