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Definition - The possession, receipt, use or solicitation of unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids or other devices in any academic exercise. This definition includes unauthorized communication of information before, during and after an academic exercise.

Scope - all encompassing. Examples: This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Copying from another student's paper or test or receiving any unauthorized assistance on any assignment or exam.

b. Possessing, buying, selling, removing, receiving or using at any time or in any manner not previously authorized by the instructor a partial or complete copy of any exam or other materials intended to be used as an instrument of evaluation in advance of their administration.

c. Using any material or equipment not authorized by the instructor during a test or other academic evaluation.

d. Attempting to influence or change an academic evaluation, grade or record by deceit or unfair means, such as (1) damaging the work of another student to gain an unfair advantage (2) marking or submitting an exam or other assignment in an attempt to deceive the grading system.

e. Submitting, without prior permission, the same academic work which has been submitted in identical or similar form in another class in fulfillment of any other academic requirement at the university.

f. Permitting another person to substitute for one's self for any type of academic evaluation.

g. Gaining an unfair advantage on any assignment by destroying, hiding or unauthorized removal of materials intended for the use of all (library resources, etc.).

h. Collaborating with other students on projects, processes and/or papers where such collaboration has been forbidden by the instructor.

Course related response - sanctions related to the course in which the violation occurred, including the course grade with an optional "honor code F", will be assigned by the professor.

Institutional response - Academic Censure with notification letter to parents/guardians; sanctions resulting from egregious or multiple honor code violations will be determined by the associate vice president for academic affairs. These sanctions may include preliminary suspension, disciplinary suspension or permanent separation from the university.