Life Entrepreneur Program (LEP)

Course Description

Elon University is collaborating with a national leadership development company, New Mountain Ventures, to offer an innovative program for sophomore students. The Life Entrepreneur Program will prepare students to craft a meaningful and flexible life plans in light of the ever changing, fast paced world outside of Elon. The Life Entrepreneur Program (LEP) includes a 2-day retreat and a one-credit hour course led by faculty and peer leaders during the first half of each semester. Through the retreat and the course, students will learn to identify their strengths, be alert to opportunities, take measured risks, set goals, think strategically, and practice the art of reflection and renewal. Students will also develop a resume, practice interview skills, and complete informational interviews with people in their prospective field. These skills will help students better align their core identity with their professional and personal goals, especially in the context of their remaining years at Elon.

Interested in the Life Entrepreneur Program?

Prospective participants and teaching assistants are encouraged to apply!

2013-2014 Life Entrepreneur Program Application