Meet the Staff

Assistant Director of New Student & Transition Programs and Coordinator of Gap Programs

Elizabeth Coder

Elizabeth Coder currently serves as the Assistant Director of New Student & Transition Programs and Coordinator of Gap Programs. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration from Columbia University. After graduate school, she completed three terms of service with AmeriCorps, serving with a state-based program in Alaska and throughout California, Washington, and Utah with the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). AmeriCorps is where she developed a love of social justice and civic engagement. Having worked in higher education both in the United States and abroad, Elizabeth also brings a wealth of experience in study abroad, service learning, and first year programs. She has been recognized for her civic engagement efforts, receiving the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for completing more than 4,000 hours of community service. Elizabeth is also a lover of all things international and travel-related, having visited, lived, or volunteered in 49 countries, 6 continents, and 48 out of the 50 states.

Coordinator of New Student & Transition Programs

Kim Lilienthal

Kim Lilienthal is the current Interim Coordinator for New Student & Transition Programs, primarily working with New Student Orientation, First-Year Summer Experiences, and the Life Entrepreneur Program. She is a proud Elon alum, holding a B.A. in English with concentrations in Professional Writing & Rhetoric and Literature. As a former New Student Orientation Head Staff member and First-Year Summer Experience facilitator, she was committed to the first-year transition experience during her time as an Elon student. Kim received her M.A. in English Rhetoric & Composition from NC State University and focused her graduate research on writing in co-curricular programs in higher education, presenting her work at interdisciplinary conferences in composition studies, linguistics, and higher education. In graduate school, she taught first-year composition through a disciplinary writing and community engagement framework.

Compass Counsel
The Counsel is composed of students in leadership positions in New Student & Transition Programs. Recommendations may be submitted by the Counsel for the consideration of the Director of NSTP for alteration or enhancement of current programs. Participation in the Counsel affords students a greater understanding of the Department and its place within the University as well as experience working in a committee setting.Recognizing the mission of New Student & Transition Programs, the Compass Counsel seeks to support both divisional and institutional goals by facilitating communication and evaluation among the branches of NSTP with the crucial perspective of an active, involved Elon student. The Compass Counsel’s vision is to provide a relevant and reflective commentary on programs offered in order to create the best transition possible for all incoming and current students.

Orientation Head Staff
Head Staff members are a group of 18 student leaders who were previously Orientation Leaders. Each leader has specific responsibilities and duties throughout the school year to help prepare and implement pieces of the Orientation program. They also help with the training and supervising of the Orientation Leaders to assure a smooth Orientation Weekend and transition into Elon University for all new students. Click here to meet the staff!

Head Staff supports New Student Orientation by coordinating programs that will:

  • empower Orientation Leaders to be effective leaders and resources for new students; and
  • build community among first year students during Opening Weekend.


Orientation Leaders
Approximately 100 Elon students are selected each year to serve as Orientation Leaders.  As OLs, these students participate in required spring trainings, spring Orientation weekends, as well as summer training prior to move-in day.  The Orientation Leader team works together to create a welcoming atmosphere for new students and families on Move-In Day and during Orientation Weekend.  Each OL also works closely with a group of 15-20 new students to facilitate small group activities that help new students become more connected to the Elon community.