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Fall Semester

•Orientation Activities

•Organization Treasurer's seminar
•Emerging Leaders Induction Ceremony and Kick-off for all Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows
•Family Weekend
•Organization Fair

•Fall Break
•First Organization Goal Report and Membership Rosters Due

•Thanksgiving Holiday

•Reading Day
•Winter Break – University Closed

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•Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
•Classes End
•Final Exam Day

•Classes begin
•Budget Hearing Seminar
•SGA Elections
•Budget Packets due
•OAIC Packets available
•Leadership Development Institute

•First Progress Report and Membership Rosters Due
•OAIC Packets due
•SGA Budget Hearings
•Spring Break


•Reading Day

The growth and involvement of students in Elon University Organizations has formed an overwhelming need for travel policies during seasonal trips. Because of the success of the program, Elon University has developed a list of travel guidelines. All Organizations and Advisors will be responsible for sharing the travel policy with their members before the start of each year and also updating them when changes occur on the playing schedule when traveling.

  1. The University requires that an Advisor (or approved substitute) accompany the organization on each activity held outside of Alamance County.
  2. The drivers of the vehicles must be registered and approved by the University before departure.

  3. In case of accident or injury, the organization must contact campus safety immediately and file appropriate forms, as well as obtain a copy of the official police report. Additionally, the organization should contact the Director of Leadership and Organization Development.

  4. During any organization activities, practices, conferences, retreats, etc., no alcohol/drugs are to be present. This includes transporting alcohol in a University vehicle or on a University trip.
    a) If alcohol/drugs are found, have been used, or proved to be present at any of these organizations activities, the organization will have all travel privileges suspended by the University. This means that all organizations found in violation will be denied access to University vehicles, travel policies, or reimbursement for such expenses (hotels, off campus tournaments, registration fees, etc.).

  5. Any organization hosting an event on campus must file an event/risk management form with the Office of Student Life three working days before the event.

Policies for Driving Vans for University Organizations
All vans driven during activities or trips, whether owned by the University or leased for the duration of the trip, will be driven only by approved Elon University student trip leaders or staff. These vehicles must be operated in full compliance with applicable campus ordinances and state laws. Each organization is responsible for ensuring that each trip has approved drivers. Organization Advisors and their members are entitled to use the Elon University vans for travel throughout the school year. These vans require the appropriate check out, driver registration, completion of the University's van driver course, approved Travel and Itinerary Form before they are released to use. Lastly, it is against university policy to transport alcohol, drugs, or weapons in any University vehicle.

To become an approved Elon University van driver:

1. Drivers must have a valid driver's license, and a photocopy of their license should be on file in the Office of Business and Finance.
2. Drivers must read and become familiar with the Elon University Guidelines for Vans and successfully complete the 3D Driving Course.
3. Elon University may make exceptions to the policies based on an individual's driving history or special needs.

Who can use them? All students who are members of recognized student programs and organizations who are traveling off campus for an event. The student drivers must be registered with the Office of Business and Finance and with the Information Desk located at the entrance of the Moseley Center. The vans are for service projects, practices, games, and break trips and other approved activities. The organization must not exceed the number of approved occupants in a van at one time when traveling.

How much will it cost? Student organizations are responsible for covering the cost of travel, including gas. Elon University has 10-passenger vans, 7-passenger vans, a 15 passenger mini-bus and a 24-passenger bus (requires CDL to drive). Located in McMichael parking lot, these vans provide student organizations the opportunity to travel off-campus for events.

Reservations: Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may be made 30 days in advance or no less than five days before out of state travel. After a student organization member has filled out the appropriate van reservation forms, it must be turned into the Information Desk of the Moseley Center.

Check In, Check Out: The van check in and check out will be handled by the Director of Campus Center Operations or his/her designee on the day of the scheduled trip. At the time of van check out, the driver must have a valid driver's license, be on the University's approved driver's list (requires a license check by the University's insurance company and completion of the University's van driver training course), and must have filled out the appropriate release form to drive. A key will be given to the driver with a matching number which can be found on the front windshield of the van.

Upon returning from the trip, the key to the van should be turned in to the Moseley Information Desk immediately. If the organization returns during an off hour, the driver is responsible for making sure that the key is at the Moseley Information Desk for the next group to use the following morning. All vans must be returned clean and with a full tank of gas!

Driver Responsibility
1. Driver(s) must have a valid driver's license with them.
2. Driver(s) or organizations are personally responsible for any law violations that result in warrants, fines, tickets, or damage.
3. Driver(s) or organizations are financially responsible for costs incurred in any accident in which they are involved, up to the amount of deductible clause in the University's insurance for collision or comprehensive.
4. Ensure all passengers wear seatbelts.
5. Not use cell phones while driving.
6. Drive no faster than the posted speed limit or 65 mph, whichever is lower.

Advisor's Responsibility: To verify the trip in regard to its appropriateness, length, destination, and purpose. The advisor will also be held responsible for receiving the Van Reservation Form from the Director of Campus Center Operations after he/she has authorized the form. University policy requires an advisor to accompany all student trips outside of Alamance County.

Regardless of an organization's purpose or goals, some form of funding is necessary. Three primary sources of funding are the Student Government Association, fees or dues paid by members of the organization, and fundraisers.

Funding from the Student Government Association
All requests for funding by the Student Government Association (SGA) must be submitted in the form of a budget proposal to the SGA Treasurer, whose office is in 231 Moseley. Proposals are usually considered by the Senate early in the Spring. This page contains a sample budget for your use in formulating a proposal. This sample is not designed for you to fill in the blanks, but rather to serve as a guideline in preparing a proposal which suits your group. (See SGA Treasurer's Manual for additional information)

Fees and dues paid by members
Some organizations require members to pay yearly or semesterly dues in support of the group. Other organizations require specific fees, such as an initiation fee. If such fees or dues are to be assessed, the requirement must be included in the bylaws or as an amendment.

Fundraisers on campus
Recognized student organizations are allowed to sell candy, T-shirts, and other items on campus only with the permission of the Associate Dean of Students who is located in 209 Moseley. Groups must apply for permission at least THREE working days in advance of the fundraiser.

Sample Budget

Name of Organization
Proposed budget for the academic year ---______
Total requested = $_______

Programming $00.00
Honorariums for guest speakers, plus refreshment and program materials.

Duplication $00.00
Cost of copying minutes, agendas, and promotional fliers.

Postage $00.0
Cost of mailing materials to members off campus.

Supplies $00.00
Cost of materials used in meetings, office supplies, etc.

Special Events $00.00
Cost of Banquets