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Quidditch Club Bylaws

Article I. Name

The name of the organization shall be the Quidditch Club.

Article II. Purpose

  1. To inform the campus about the game of Quidditch.
  2. To provide opportunities on the campus for students to engage in Quidditch competitions.
  3. To provide an opportunity for playing Quidditch at a level other than varsity and be a part of the traveling Quidditch Club that competes against club teams at other colleges/universities.
  4. To promote good public relations and cooperation with other organizations on campus.

Article III. Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

  1. The Quidditch Club is open to all full-time undergraduate students of Elon University in good academic standing, regardless of ability in playing Quidditch, who attend at least two meetings and/or events per semester.
  2. Every member of the club can attend meetings and practices, but all members may not be able to travel to all matches. If necessary, the officers will decide by majority vote which club members will travel to off-campus events.

Section 2 – Good standing

  1. To be an active and voting member, dues must be paid in full. Dues will be voted upon by the club, and the treasurer will collect and account for the dues collected.
  1. To be an active member, one must follow the attendance guidelines of the Elon University Quidditch Club. The club will pass these guidelines at the first meeting of the academic year.

Article IV. Governance

Section 1 – Officers

  1. Titles and duties of each officer
    1. There shall be a President who will preside at all meetings, appoint necessary committees, call special meetings of the club as a whole or the officers, serve on the Elon Club Sports Council, and act as a liaison between the officers and the advisor.
    2. There shall be a Vice President who will be responsible for recruitment activities and public relations, alert members by use of phone tree about club and team events or meetings, and will prepare the club rules to be approved by the officers each year. She/he also will assist the President and preside at all meetings in the absence of or at the call of the President.
    3. There shall be a Secretary who will keep an accurate record of all current members, call roll at meetings, be responsible for all entry fees and forms, and compose all written documents and newsletters to keep members informed about club events or meetings.
    4. There shall be a Treasurer who will collect dues, serve as financial liaison to the International Quidditch Club (IQC), inventory and order equipment, keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements, prepare all financial statements and budget requests in accordance with Student Government Association rules, organize any fundraisers, and present a financial report to the club at the end of each semester.
    5. There shall be two Captains who will organize Quidditch demonstrations/lessons and organize competitions on the Elon campus for non-club members, organize lessons for the club members, register competitions with the Elon Campus Recreation Department, calculate club points and member standings, and act as a liaison between the IQC and the Elon club.
    B.   Officer Elections
    Officers will be elected through a majority vote of club members in February of each academic year. Officers shall be nominated from the floor at a general club meeting. The voting shall be done at the same meeting by private ballot. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes with a quorum of two-thirds of the club members necessary to elect officers. The counting and handling of the ballots shall be the responsibility of the Vice President and Advisor.

    C.   Officers' Terms of Office
    The term of office shall be one year, beginning April 1.

    D.   Vacancies in Officer Positions
    1. Upon vacancy of the office of the President, the Vice President shall fulfill duties as stated in Article IV, Section 1.
    2. Upon vacancies of any other office, a new officer will be elected within one week following the vacancy during a regular or special meeting by methods stated in Article IV, Section 1.
    Section 2 – Removal of Members and Officers
    1. Removal of Members or Officers
      The following are reasons for initiating removal proceedings:
      1. Failure to fulfill the responsibilities of his/her office as defined in these bylaws. (for officers)
      2. Failure to maintain good academic standing as defined by Elon University.
      3. Missing two practices and neglecting to contact the secretary in advance.
      4. Engaging in behavior that is flagrantly disrespectful and/or embarrasses the club.
      5. Violations of regulations specified in the Elon University Student Handbook, and/or the Campus Recreation Club Sports Handbook and/or the Quidditch Club Rules.
      6. Failure to pay club dues and IQA dues on time or develop a payment plan with the treasurer prior to due dates.
      7. Missing three events without notifying the secretary in advance.

      B.   Procedure for Removing Members or Officers
      Any member in good standing with the club may bring charges against another member or officer by presenting this/her concerns to the President of the club. The accused member or officer must be notified in writing by the President of the reason for the proposed removal in advance of the meeting to consider removal. The accused member will be given the opportunity to present his/her case at the meeting and prior to any vote on his/her membership. To revoke membership, two-thirds of the members in good standing must be in attendance, and a majority vote for removal is necessary for official expulsion. The advisor must be at the meeting.

      If the accused member is the President, the next highest ranking officer will control the proceedings.

      Article V. Meetings

      Section 1 - Regular Meetings

      The club will meet bi-weekly during the academic year, as presented in the annual rules. If any change in the regular meeting time is needed, members will be notified by the club secretary three days prior to the scheduled meeting.

      Section 2 - Special Meetings

      Club members will be notified at least three days before any special meetings. Any additional meetings to address problems, dismissal or concerns regarding the club will be scheduled by the President.

      Section 3 - Attendance

      Meeting attendance is mandatory for all club members (as described in the list of rules). Attendance and participation in fundraisers are not mandatory, but absences will result in an accumulation of individual club demerit points. Attendance and participation at social and education events are strongly encouraged, but failure to attend will not result in the accumulation of club demerit points.

      Section 4 - Officers' Meetings

      The club officers will meet prior to the regular or special meetings of the club to plan the club meetings. The President (or V.P. if President is unavailable) and at least three other officers must be present.

      Section 5 - Quorum

      To conduct any club business, 50% plus 1 of the members in good standing must be present at the meeting.

      Section 6 - Voting

      Unless otherwise stated in the club bylaws, a vote carries when fifty-percent (50%) plus one of the members present vote in favor of the question called for a vote.

      Article VI. Committees

      Section 1 – Ad hoc committees

      The President may appoint members to serve on committees to assist with special events such as campus programs or special club projects.

      Section 2 – Social Committee

      The Vice President will appoint club members to organize at least one social activity each semester.

      Section 3 – Finance Committee

      The Treasurer will appoint club members to assist in preparing the annual budget submission to the SGA and with organizing any fundraisers the club approves.

      Article VII. Finances

      Section 1 – Club Dues

      Dues will vary based on SGA funding and club needs. At the first meeting of the academic year, members will discuss and vote on the proposed amount of dues.

      Section 2 – International Quidditch Association Dues

      To participate in competitions off campus, members must pay their dues to the IQA.

      Section 3 – Fundraisers

      All members are expected to participate in club-sponsored fundraisers.

      Section 4 – SGA Funds

      The club will request funding from the SGA each spring to support club activities for the following academic year.

      Article VIII. Advisor

      Section 1 – Selection
    1. A faculty Advisor shall be selected at the beginning of each academic year by the officers elected for that year.
    2. Candidates may be suggested by any club member; however, willingness to serve as advisor must be ascertained prior to the suggestion being made to the officers.
    Section 2 – Duties

    The faculty Advisor shall be a liaison between the club and Elon University. She/he is responsible for signing all paperwork the university designates as official business and is encouraged, but not required, to participate in club functions. The advisor will either attend events off-campus with the club or designate another faculty member to attend. The advisor provides advice to the club and, in particular, helps the officers reflect on what they are learning through their activities.

    Article IX. Amendments

    Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be presented at a regular meeting at least one week before the club votes on amendments. These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3-majority vote with a simple majority of the club members constituting a quorum.

    Article X. Parliamentary Authority

    Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of this organization.