Elon Gap Semester

 Academic Components

Students will earn nine general studies (GST) credits during the Elon Gap Experience. See below for a breakdown of academic credit:

  • The NOLS course will offer four credits: two credits will transfer as an outdoor leadership and two additional credits will transfer as environmental ethics. Grades of C- or higher will transfer.
  • The program will offer one credit that will count as a Service-Learning designated course.  This course will also satisfy one of the two required units of Elon's Experiential Learning Requirement. The grade earned will count towards the students' Elon GPA.
  • The Costa Rica courses will offer four General Studies credits: two credits each in Spanish and Culture & Society of Costa Rica. All levels of Spanish language will be offered. This course will also include classroom and field experiences. The grades earned will count towards the students' Elon GPA.
  • The credits will count on each student's transcript in the following manner:  Either 1) 4 credits will count as Civilization under the Elon Core Curriculum or 2) 2 credits will count as Civilization and 2 credits will count as Society under the Elon Core Curriculum. This choice is up to each student and will be discussed with their Acadmic Advisor.

Requirements & Courses

At this time the Elon Gap Semester Program is not compatible with requirements for recruited athletes, Bachelor of Fine Arts students and engineering students.

Transition to Elon

At the conclusion of the Elon Gap Experience, students will return home for Winter Break. Students arrive to Elon in January for Winter Term, which will include an academic course and a special Elon 101 for students returning from the Gap Experience. There will also be a mentoring program for recent Gap Semester participants to be matched with past participants that have already been through the transition to offer guidance on how to best navigate the transition.

Students will work with an academic adviser as they transition from the Elon Gap Experience to Winter Term and spring semester.