Elon Gap Semester

 Financial Aid & Cost

Program costs will be the same as Elon tuition, fees, room and board for fall semester. Students will also be considered enrolled at the university and eligible for any financial aid for which they qualify. Gap Semester students will take 9 semester hours of academic credit, which meets the university's definition for part-time enrollment and therefore enables them to meet federal mandates that a student be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for federal financial aid. Federal guidelines require that part-time students receive pro-rated financial aid.

Students will automatically be considered for the Presidential Scholarship or the Elon Engagement Scholarship; however, Gap students may not be Fellows due to the academic requirements of the Fellows Programs. Accepted Early Decision students must provide a non-refundable program deposit of $500 by Jan. 10.  Accepted Final Deadline students have until May 1 to submit their $500 enrollment deposit.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Elon Gap Semester students will be eligible for the following financial aid provided they remain enrolled in and complete the Gap Program academic credit requirements:

1. Federal Pell Grant

  • The award will be prorated as a three-quarter award for 9-11 hours.
  • Eligibility is determined by the Department of Education based on the Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA.

2. SEOG Grant

  • A nominal amount will be awarded. All Pell students must have a SEOG match associated with their award package.

3. Presidential or Elon Engagement Scholarship

  • As determined by the Office of Admissions standards, at standard semester rates of 50 percent of the annual amount. Students will still receive only 8 semesters of funding under these scholarships. If there are particular hardship cases that extend beyond the eighth semester of enrollment at Elon (including the Gap Semester), the direct appeals may be made to the Office of Financial Planning. Students who successfully complete the Elon Gap Semester Program will have met the scholarship requirments.

4. Students may be receipients of a scholarship in the Watson and Odyssey Programs

  • Funding provided by these programs and scholarships will not extend beyond the eighth semester of enrollment (including the Gap Semester). Particular hardship cases may be appealed to the Office of Financial Planning for additional funding. Recipients of Watson and Odyssey Program scholarships will not be announced until after the Jan. 10 Gap Semester Program deposit is due; these funds should not be a determining enrollment factor for Elon Gap Semester program applicants.

5. Elon Grant, or NC State Contratual Scholarship Fund

  • The fall semester award will be prorated commensurate with the amount of credit hours.

6. Federal Direct Stafford and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

  • Full eligibility is granted when enrolled for at least six credit hours.

7. Federal Perkins Loan

  • Eligibility is determined by Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA.
  • The fall semester award will be prorated commensurate with the amount of credit hours.

8. Private Alternative Loans

  • Eligibility is set by the individual lenders.

The combination of all awards may not exceed Elon's Cost of Attendance for the Gap Semester.

  • Gap Semester students are not eligible for the Fellows Programs unless admitted under a lateral entry provision depending on the Fellows program.
  • Gap students are not eligible for Institutional or Federal Work Study during the Gap Semester.

Note: Students will be responsible for some transportation costs, NOLS equipment costs and personal spending money.