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Are you ready to execute on big ideas to change the world? Are you waking up at 3am with an idea to provide clean water to 3rd world countries or a plan to better organize the world’s information?

The ELONCH (ee-lau-n-ch) Entrepreneurship LLC is for students who want to solve the world’s problems. To tackle these big issues, the LLC helps students develop an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving.

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This is not just for business majors. It’s for any Elon student who is passionate about acting on their ideas. A healthy balance between working hard and playing hard will be essential.

Why this is the place to be?

  • Career Opportunities – Employers say they need employees w/ entrepreneurial mindset
  • Entertain Alumni – Hang out with successful alumni who are making BIG things happen
  • Network – Make connections with entrepreneurs and thoughts leaders
  • Collaboration – When you have that idea at 3 a.m., you can wake up your roommate and they will be excited to hear it.
  • Money – Financial assistance in creating your own ventures

What exactly will students do?

  • Go on field trips to HQ Raleigh and American Underground
  • Watch films such as Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Organize Triad Startup Weekend and other events
  • Pitch ideas in business plan competitions
  • Lead efforts to infect other students with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Play simulations such as PlaySpent
  • Identify problems and build solutions

Where is it?

2017-2018 Location: Colonnades A, 3rd floor

New placement for 2018-2019: Colonnades E (Harper Hall), 3rd Floor


Alyssa Martina, Director of the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurshipand Lecturer

Koury Business Center 346F
2075 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
(336) 278-5992