Residence Life

ASHES (Alcohol and Substance-free Housing for Elon Students)

If you are interested in living in an environment free of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, this option in Colonnades offers an environment to support that decision. ASHES is for students committed to living substance free on the floor. Students who choose to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs for personal, religious, or health reasons are invited to participate. A variety of social opportunities are offered to make this a fun and involved community. Community programs and activities are geared toward this commitment to having a substance-free college experience, and include opportunities for you to interact with faculty outside the classroom, participate in floor service projects, and do lots of fun activities on weekends.

You must complete an application and be accepted into this theme community.

The community offers many opportunities for academic and social interaction:

  • Interaction with faculty/staff outside of the classroom
  • High-quality programming to help you make friends quickly and have fun.
  • Study sessions/groups for classes
  • Opportunities to interact with friends on field trips and social programs for the floor
  • Personal and floor volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunities to learn about student organizations at Elon University and how to get involved

Residents living in the substance free community should not:

  • Consume on the floor: that is use alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and any illicit substances
  • Regardless of age, be in the possession of alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and any illicit substances regardless of how and where it is actually used
  • Return to the floor intoxicated or disturbing neighbors because of intoxication

Students must also attend 2 programs per semester with the community

This commitment is taken very seriously. If an individual does not keep this commitment, Residence Hall staff members will seek to bring about a resolution which will serve to maintain the integrity of the community lifestyle which could result in the Administrative removal from the Substance-free Community.

Who will live there?

Elon students who apply and are accepted by the LLC advisor. The community is open to both men and women.

Where is it?

2017- 2018 Current Location- Colonnades

2018-2019 New Location: Global C 1st floor 

The floor includes:

  • Single and double bedrooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Common Room with Kitchenette

How do I apply?

Returning Students: Complete the online application during Living Learning Community recruitment in November.  The application can be accessed here

Contact Information:

Residence Life, 336-278-7300, Global C 103