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The International Living Learning community offers a unique residential experience, where students with international experience, backgrounds, and interests come together to form a special residential community. This intentional living-learning community facilitates social and academic interactions among residents and with the faculty-in-residence, both within and outside the community, which are broadly focused on international and cross-cultural appreciation.

The International Living Learning Community creates, cultivates, and sustains an atmosphere for international living in tandem with living in a multicultural environment. Residents live in an atmosphere that is intentionally focused on facilitating interactions between students with diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and worldviews and which fosters awareness of and appreciation for cultural difference. The International Living Learning Community functions as an integral part of an internationalizing campus community that values study abroad, language learning, and international exchange, and its residents are exemplars of Elon’s ‘global citizen’ For more information, check out our brochure and Fun Foreign Family newsletter.


  • Uniting students around a shared interest in international experiences, issues, and understanding
  • Connecting students to an in-residence faculty member who also shares these interests and is committed to engaging students and developing sustained relationships with them around these areas of mutual concern
  • Creating an academic and social community that functions as a multidimensional support network for residents
  • Integrating classroom topics with informal residential conversations and planned programming in an intimate, learning-centered community
  • Capitalizing on some of the University’s lectures, performances, and other events with international themes and cross-cultural learning potential in order to integrate residents more fully into the campus community


  • Trips to Asheville and Washington, DC
  • International Dinners/Festival
  • Social and community events, like the Highland Games
  • Country of the Month program

Who will live in the International Living Learning Community?

Students who have lived across the world and students who are interested in global learning and Elon’s ‘global citizen’ model. Students must show interest in the International Community and participate fully in its activities and programs.

What is the facility like?

The International LLC is located in the Global Neighborhood, building D, 2nd floor. For 2018-2019 the LLC will remian in the Gloabl Neighbborhood but transiton to a new building (Global A, 2nd flor). Situated on Lake Mary Nell and adjacent to the quad containing Belk Library, Moseley Center, and Koury Center, the Global Neighborhood is geographically positioned to become our premiere global education residential complex. Residents in the International community will enjoy beautiful, new rooms and common spaces – such as a spacious demonstration kitchen that will be available for student use – and will benefit from interactions with the Faculty Director (who lives in residence) as well as upper-division students who serve in mentoring roles. The International Living Learning Community will also be housed in the same building as Elon’s language Living Learning communities: La Maison Francaise, La Casa Italiana, and Case de Espanol.

How do I apply?

Returning Students: Complete an application during the Liivng Learning Community Recruitment process November 1st through November 29th. Application can be found on here.

Incoming Freshmen: Select YES on the First-Year Online Housing Application and answer the essay question and submit it.

Contact Information:

Glenn Scott

Associate Professor of Communications


McEwen - Comm., office 201C

2850 Campus Box

Elon, NC 27244

(336) 278-5791