Residence Life


Make friends. Get good grades.
Live with people with similar interests.

This is the winning Living Learning Community Mural from the 2013-2014 Mural Competition (Honors Pavilion LLC)

US News & World Report ranks Elon University's LLCs among the best in the nation.

What are Living Learning Communities (LLC)?
Living Learning Community— (noun) 1. a group of students residing in the same residential area, interacting academically and socially with each other and with faculty, and sharing the same academic major, program or interest.

“It’s not just a residence hall; it’s a family!”—SLC resident

Living Learning Communities enhance the residential experience at Elon by:
* Uniting students around a shared purpose
* Creating academic and social support network
* Connecting faculty and students
* Bridging in-class learning and out-of-class experience

* Developing foundations of friendship and exchanges of knowledge
* Creating dynamic and intimate learning-centered communities

Videos from the LLC Video Challenge 13-14
LLC students were asked to create recruitment videos for the annual LLC Video Challenge and were judged on creativity, Elon spirit and use of the LLC theme. Clock on the links below to view!

Elon College Fellows-1st Place
Leaders in a Global World-2nd Place
International Pavillion-3rd Place

"It makes academic life so much easier by having people around you to support you because they too share the same goals."—Math, Science & Engineering Floor resident

What happens in Living Learning Communities besides studying?
* LLC Dinners
* Trip to Washington, DC
* LLC Challenge Competitions
* Open Mic Night
* Recycled Art Contest
* Cultural Performances
* Indoor Rock Climbing
* Community Service at local elementary schools
* Dinners out at local restaurants
* Movie nights