Residence Life

Service Learning Community

“The SLC has helped me to make the most of my freshman year. I never thought that I would have such a great group of friends and such amazing service opportunities. Living in the SLC made adjusting to campus and learning about the needs of the surrounding community so easy!”—Lindsay, SLL 2010-2011

View the SLC Brochure.

For more information on service opportunities, visit the Kernodle center website or the SLC page.


The Service Learning Community (SLC) is Elon’s oldest learning community and is comprised of 18-25 first-year students who share a common interest in service learning. There are 3-4 Service Learning Leaders (SLLs) who were members of the floor their freshman year. They are there to help guide the SLCers as they explore service and reflection opportunities.

As a member of the SLC, you will be expected to participate in various direct and indirect service projects during the school year. Through these, you will learn about the important social issues that affect our local, national and global communities. You will have the unique opportunity to plan and participate in projects, take leadership positions on campus and in the SLC, and develop deep friendships with fellow students who share your commitment to service!

To prepare for this program, you attend an SLC orientation, which allows you to move into your residence hall a few days before other first year students. This unique opportunity allows you to begin the year with a great service project and an immediate family of close friends away from home.

The SLC is a diverse group of people who have different interests, majors, familiarity with service, and much more. Our dynamic community makes the SLC unique to the Elon experience and encourages students to develop personal and organizational ties that will last throughout their time at Elon.

“The SLC truly helped me have a smooth transition into college. The opportunity to move in a few days early truly helped me to be more acquainted with campus life, and I also was able to start my first semester with people who will be my forever friends. The entire experience will forever impact my life, particularly in my educational goals. Being around people with similar interests and passions sincerely has been an unforgettable aspect of Elon thus far. I would never trade in my SLC experience!” —Jennie, SLC member 2009-2010


  • Organized service projects with a dedication to learning and growth through reflection
  • Early move-in for a SLC-only orientation
  • Learn transferable skills that will serve you throughout your college experience
  • Live in an awesome, co-ed, residence hall in the Historic Neighborhood
  • Participate in monthly social/ bonding activities such as going to the local farm for pumpkin picking, going to the movies, or attending group dinners
  • Live in a positive social and academic environment
  • An increased awareness of social issues facing local and global communities
  • Deep connection to service organizations and leadership opportunities through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement and Elon Volunteers (EV).
  • Enrollment in a linked GST 110 course with other SLC members

“Living in the SLC was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. We aren't just hall mates, we're a family and when life gets hard, friends get on your nerves and classes are overwhelming, you can always come back to your family--people who genuinely care and have your back!” —Jess-Mara, SLC member 2009-2010


Students must show an interest in and commitment to service and community engagement. Students will be expected to actively participate in service projects and social events.

What is the facility like?

Located on the 1st floor of Virginia residence hall, the SLC is located in a traditional suite hall style.

How do I apply?

To apply to live in the SLC, complete the housing application online during Freshman Housing Selection. The learning community application is page 3 of the housing application.

We are committed to selecting a diverse group of students for the SLC because we believe that it’s through this diversity that we all develop a greater appreciation for our community. For us, a diverse community includes diversity of thought, service experience, gender, socio-economic status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and ability.

"The SLC allowed me to feel like Elon was home right away, everyone is so excited not only to help out in the community but to help each other out as well.”—Jamie, SLC member 2009-2010

Staff Advisor Contact Information:

Kyle Anderson

Moseley 230
Campus Box 2999
Elon, NC 27244

“Serving others and the environment can be picking up a piece of trash to helping feed a group of people; bettering the world in any fashion is service. The point of service is to impact and/or improve the quality of life for an individual or situation. Serving others is our purpose, and this community has helped me to fulfill that task.”—Jessica, SLL Leader 2010-2011