Residence Life
 First-Year Student Housing: Process

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Step One

  • Students will complete roommate preference questionnaire.
  • Students can indicate special medical conditions that require special housing assignments (i.e. sereve allergies, special accessibility, etc.) and must send documentation to student disability service. Click here for more information.

Step Two

  • Students will choose six building preferences.
  • Indicate a roommate if desired, student must enter the last name of their preferred roommate and requests must be mutual and both applications must be submitted on time.

Step Three

  • Students will then select learning communities if they are interested.

Step Four

  • Students can indicate interest in being involved with RSA and area government

Step Five

  • Students will confirm their agreement with residence life values.

Step Six

  • Submitting your application is a two step process. First, you must confirm and review the application, THEN you must submit it.  
  • If you do not receive an email at your Elon email account with a PDF of your application, you have not successfully completed your application.