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Residence Life At A Glance

Residence HallsOccupancyCo-EdMaleFemaleAverage Room DimensionsNumber of WindowsAverage Window Dimension(HXW)Wardrobe2004-2005 Air-ConditionedSink in RoomFurniture TypeLoftable BedsComputer LabLearning CommunityCommuter LoungeSuite BathHall BathLofts ProvidedCloset
Academic Village - International22X--12'X14'-5'X6'XXXMX--XX---
Academic Village - Honors22X--12'X14'-5'X6'XXXMX--XX---
Carolina125--X15'X12'1 or 28'6"X4'10-X




Chandler95X--14'X10'6"1 or 24'2"X4'9"XX-B-XXXX---
Danieley Flats G-N544X--10'6"X14'15'2"X5'6"XX-MXXXXX-X-
Jordan Center A-C120X--10'X12'13'8"X4'8"-X-M--XXX--X
Jordan Center D-F127X--14'X12'13'8"X4'8"-X-M---XX--X
Smith125-X-15'X12'1 or 28'6"X4'10-X-MX----XXX
West87--X9'X12'1 or 28'10"X3'8XX-MXXXX-XXX


1. Average Room Dimensions - Please note that room dimensions vary throughout those buildings indicated.
2. All rooms will have air conditioning in Fall 2005.
3. Jordan Center, Colclough, Chandler, and Maynard are not able to have lofts.
4. Underbed storage in Chandler, Maynard, and Colclough.
5. All halls have internet access.
6. Average Desk Dimensions: 42"X24"X30"
7. Average Loft Dimensions: 79"X42"X71"
8. Average Wardrobe Dimensions: 36"X25"X72"
9. Please note that desk, loft, and wardrobe dimensions may vary.

Furniture Types:

B = Built In
M = Moveable

Buildings Per Area:

East Area: Academic Village International Pavilion, Academic Village Honors Pavilion, Barney, Brannock, Carolina, Hook, and Smith
West Area: Jordan Center A-C, Jordan Center D-F, Sloan, Virginia, and West
North Area: Chandler, Colclough, Maynard, Moffitt, and Staley
Danieley Center: Danieley Center Flats G-N


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