Identity Standards :: Introduction

Use of graphic standards

This manual outlines graphic identity standards for Elon’s schools, departments, offices, centers and programs. These are ongoing and officially established units of the university whose communications reach both internal and external audiences. The wordmarks that incorporate the names of these permanent units of the university must adhere to these standards.

Units of the university may undertake special fixed-term initiatives that call for graphic icons or artwork as part of a communications campaign. For example, the university undertakes fundraising campaigns that call for special graphic designs during the term of the initiative. These icons are not permanent marks of the university, and the design of those graphics is not outlined in this manual. However, all special-use graphics should be designed with typography and style that is consistent with the university’s core graphic identity.

This guide does not define standards for use of graphic identities by student organizations that primarily appeal to only internal audiences. However, we encourage student organizations to consider using the standards in this manual, since they are increasingly reaching external audiences via online media.