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Bob Johnson Consulting,
March 19, 2010

University Communications

The Elon Web Team

The Office of University Communications creates and maintains pages on much of the Elon Website, including the home pages for Admissions, Academics, E-net!, Administration, Student Life, Advancement and Athletics.

As the Assistant Director for Online Communication Aimee Kensky is responsible for the overall management and strategy for the Elon Website. She is the web project manager, sets up access to and conducts training on the content management system.

John David Parsons develops and maintains custom Web applications for the Elon Website. He designs and implements database-driven applications such as the E-net! Website. As a member of Elon's IT team, John David helps ensure that the university's Websites are meeting the needs of the Elon community. He also helps evaluate software for the university and researches technology trends in higher education.

The visual branding of Elon's online presence is developed by Web Designer, Rebecca Bass. She designs the "look and feel" of Elon's Website and e-communications. Rebecca also develops interactive widgets that enrich the site users' experiences.

How To Plan A Campus Website:

Are you looking to create or redesign a Website for your office or academic department? The first step is to think about your audience and the message you are trying to convey. Are you speaking to prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, or all of the above? Knowing your audience will help you develop a Website that meets their needs.

Once you have considered your audience, gather content that supports your message. This generally includes a description of your office or department and the services it provides, basic contact information and other content that users may find useful.

Now that you've given some thought to your audience and started gathering content for your site, it's time to make an appointment for a consultation with the University Communications Web team. During this meeting, we will discuss your Website and determine what services are needed to develop your Website.