Mission Statement for Elon BrainCARE:

Elon BrainCARE’s purpose is to conduct assessments, research and provide education to the student-athlete and supporting communities on the impact a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury may have on personal well-being on the playing field as well as the classroom.  This will be done through an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to Concussion:

Assessment – partnering with sports medicine professionals, coaches, and parents to gather baseline measures for entering student-athletes and facilitate return to play decisions with post-concussion testing if an injury occurs.

Research - furthering knowledge and understanding of short- and long-term impact of concussions through assessment testing and post-career testing on a multidisciplinary battery of tests.

Education - providing outreach and advocacy to the local community to educate student-athletes, coaches, parents and those that support, and interact with, the student-athlete to develop a supportive and knowledgeable atmosphere.


Elon Faculty Researchers

Other Collaborators

Sports Medicine Collaborators

Current Student Research Assistants

  • Graham Cochrane '15
  • Jordan Cottle '15
  • Kayla Harvey '16
  • Emily Messerschmidt '15
  • Kara Soler-Sala '15

Elon BrainCARE Research Assistants Alum

  • David Lawton '10 (DPT Student, Duke University)
  • Drew Gardner '12 (Medical Student ECU Brody School of Medicine)
  • Mark Sundman '12 (Research Fellow, Duke University)
  • Kelsey Evans '13 (MS Exercise Science, Georgia Southern)
  • Jack Halligan '14 (Medical Scribe)

Information for Athletes regarding Concussions