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Internet Governance Forum - USA, 2017


Documentary Reports from
the 2017 Meeting of the
Internet Governance Forum
of the United States



The Internet Governance Forum-USA is a multistakeholder gathering for members of civil society, businesses, government, academia and the technology sector who meet to illuminate key issues, share concerns and best practices and cultivate constructive relationships to work toward a better future. The IGF-USA Steering Committee will present a report from this meeting at the United Nations-facilitated Global IGF 2017 in December, in Geneva, Switzerland. A multimedia journalism team of students from Elon University assembled this IGF-USA coverage.

IGF-USA 2017 event photos are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/elonuniversity/sets/72157686571290866/with/35962462602/

Full written accounts with video and photos
can be found at the following links:

Plenary Keynote - Vint Cerf, VP and chief Internet evangelist for Google, Internet Hall of Famer

Plenary Keynote - Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, philanthropist and Internet Hall of Famer

Plenary Panel - "Nationalism, Disinformation and Free Expression in the Age of the Internet"

Breakout - "Promoting a More Inclusive Internet"

Breakout - "Healing Internet Fragmentation"

Breakout - "Smarter Networks"

Breakout - "A Holistic Approach to the Internet of Things"

Breakout - "National Regulations Versus the Global Cloud"

Breakout - "Privacy Regulation in the United States"

Plenary Keynote - Maureen Ohlhausen, Federal Trade Commission

Plenary Panel - "Where Are the Digital Dividends We Expected From the Internet?"

Plenary Event - Leaders Present Summaries of Earlier Breakout Sessions

Closing Plenary Keynote - Sally Shipman Wentworth, Internet Society

The multimedia reporting team for Imagining the Internet for the IGF-USA 2017 project included the following Elon University School of Communications students, staff and faculty:

Janna Anderson, Bryan Baker, Camille Behnke, Liam Collins, Diego Pineda Davila, Colin Donohue, Maya Eaglin, Christina Elias, Meagan Gitelman, Alex Hager, Tommy Kopetskie, Deirdre Kronschnabel, Jared Mayerson, Emmanuel Morgan, Grace Morris, Jackie Pascale, Mariah Posey, Alexandra Roat, Ginna Royalty, Alexandra Schonfeld, Jamie Snover, Erik Webb, Brooke Wivagg.