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Welcome to the Center for Engaged Learning in the Law, affectionately known as CELL.This site is intended to serve as a nexus for law teachers, students, administrators and practitioners to share different perspectives on how learning can be improved in law schools. The aim is to promote and communicate advances in legal education with these constituencies. Subjects leading to improved learning can be as diverse as advice for newer teachers and students, direct prescriptions for improvement, inspirational quotes or narratives and how to find satisfying jobs in the law. Please click here to tell us what you think of the site. Your feedback is always appreciated!


Elon Law hosts Second National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law

The Second National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law, held June 13-15, 2014 at Elon Law, featured research findings that indicate the acceleration of law student professional development through experiential education, a national context of increasing demand for innovation in law and legal education, and keynote addresses by American Bar Association president-elect William C. Hubbard and prominent law scholar William Henderson. 

Click here for news and information about the symposium. 

CELL coordinates survey on student computer use in the law school classroom

It is becoming an accepted tautology that law student learning can be advanced by using lap top computers and their equivalent – tablets, notebooks, I-Pads, etc. - in the classroom.  Questions have arisen about the implications of this use – does it further the educational mission, distract from it or act as a neutral channel allowing for greater efficiency in note-taking? Is electronic note-taking a superior platform that should become an increasing part of the legal education culture? These questions are not easily answered, if only because a teacher does not often see what occurs behind the raised lap-top screen. So we decided to ask Elon Law School students how using computers affected their educational mission.  We surveyed all three classes of students, 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls, to try to get their perceptions on this issue and create data by which to draw some reasoned inferences.

Click here for a report on the findings.

CELL sponsors lecture by Justice Brennan biographer Stephen Wermeil

On October 28, Stephen Wermiel, coauthor of Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion, spoke with Elon Law students and faculty about his new book, which gives unprecedented access into the life of William J. Brennan, Jr., considered by many to be the most influential Supreme Court justice of the twentieth century. Click here to listen to Wemiel's lecture at Elon Law and to read more about his insights into the life and work of Justice Brennan.

CELL hosts Teaching Law for Engaged Learning Conference

Elon University School of Law hosted an academic conference entitled "Teaching Law for Engaged Learning," on April 10. The conference brought together more than 50 legal educators from around the nation, all focused on developing as teachers and improving legal education. "We were pleased to welcome so many colleagues in legal education to the conference, to consider with us how to improve and enrich teaching in law schools across the country," said Elon Law professor Steve Friedland. "Our focus was to identify teaching strategies that enrich classical traditions of legal education through new methods that resonate with law students today and derive from current research on engaged learning." Click here for details.

CELL hosts Joseph Anderson of the Calcutta Fund

On Wednesday, February 17th, CELL joined the International Law Society at Elon to host Joseph Anderson.  In 2005, Anderson founded the Calcutta Children's Permanent Fund to provide nutritional and medicinal support to pregnant mothers and young children in the "City of Joy" slum in Calcutta, India.  Anderson relayed details of his annual trips to India and explained the benevolent mission behind the Calcutta Fund.  More information