Majors, Minors and Co-Curricular Experiences

As an institution founded in the liberal arts and sciences, Elon provides ways to connect your passions with majors, minors and co-curricular experiences. In exploring the many perspectives that comprise a liberal education, you will find your sense of purpose, dive deeper, and apply your knowledge innovatively. Who says your interest in sports, your passion for animals, or your curiosity for Greek mythology can’t contribute to your intellectual experiences?

“More than anything else, being an educated person means being able to see connections so as to be able to make sense of the world and act within it in creative ways.” – William Cronon, Only Connect:  The Goals of a Liberal Arts Education

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Student Perspectives


Be an Active Citizen

Desiree Porter, Class of 2015

“Elon expects us to graduate, go into our career, and become active in the community. As a business major it would be easy to say I just want a career where I can make a lot of money. But instead of ending it there, I’ve learned through my liberal arts education it’s important to me that I work for a business with a social conscious, a business that is aware of global issues and aiding in those issues. My Elon education has shown me the importance of being an active citizen through my career.”

Explore Your Field
From Several Angles

Laura Todd, Class of 2017

“My plans for the future have definitely been solidified after coming to Elon. I knew that I wanted to be an Environmental Studies major but I wasn’t quite sure in what capacity I wanted to work with that. Several experiences at Elon impacted that decision. The common reading book had a huge impact on my plans because Conor Grennan started his own nonprofit with no prior experience whatsoever. The book really inspired me to follow that path as well. After I graduate I’d like to start a nonprofit or environmental business. My Elon College Fellows winter term class helped me determine what I was passionate about. In that class I was able to identify what problems in the world pertain to my major and how I could possibly be one to solve those problems after I graduate. The Sierra Club, which focuses on environmental consciousness, has also really taught me a lot about current issues that are going on in the world while allowing me to meet a lot of new people who are passionate about the same things I am. It’s been great to explore that field from so many different angles.”

Don’t Panic if You’re Unsure

Lori Schachle, Class of 2015

“Don’t panic if you don’t have your next four years all figured out. I’ve made at least 15 different graduation plans with combinations of majors, minors, and other opportunities, and I didn’t settle on a major until my junior year. Part of the fun is being able to personalize your education and your experiences to fit what you want at the time. If you’re unsure, take a COE course on Exploring Majors, or visit Academic Advising, or just take a chance on a course in an unfamiliar field. If you’re potentially interested in a new major, ask a professor in that program to meet for coffee. Most professors love talking with students outside of class because they really enjoy what they do. Elon has the resources; it’s up to you to take advantage of them. ”

Take a Chance on an Intro Class

Kendra Sterneck, Class of 2017

“I had no idea what I wanted to major in going into college. Second semester my first year, I took Intro to Public Health and Intro to Human Services just to explore and fell in love with the both. I now have an idea with what I want to do with my life in the future and am excited about my classes and learning more. My advice is if you’re not sure what you want to major in, explore a variety of classes, because a class might take you by surprise and spark an interest in you!”

Connecting Majors & Minors:
Cinema, Studio Art, & Spanish

Olivia Pohl, Class of 2014

“I’ve used my minor in Studio Art to support my Cinema major by incorporating the design aspect of art into the visual aesthetics of my films. My Spanish minor was helpful when working on documentaries where people are more comfortable speaking Spanish.”

Preparing for Post-Grad Plans

Omolayo Ojo, Class of 2015

“When I graduate from Elon I’m going to continue in the International Studies field and I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Migration. For me, it’s really important having been part of an inclusive community and the International Learning Community. I was able to work with different people from all walks of life through my experiences at Elon, and that will really carry over in my plans for the future.”

Connecting Majors & Minors:
Acting and Communications

Sam Jones, Class of 2015

“After studying in Los Angeles, I was inspired to take on a Communications minor so I could go about learning more about the technical side of film-making. I want to have the skills to create successful work for myself post-Elon and the resources here to help me become a more proficient and successful film-maker are incredible. I plan to head several new film projects this next year at Elon and submit them to film festivals.”

Explore Several Fields

Kelli Anne Gecawich, Class of 2015

“Finding out what you are passionate about can be difficult, especially with all of the opportunities that Elon has to offer.  My best advice would be to not be afraid to try 3 or 4 or 10 different fields before you find something that you love.  When I came to Elon, I thought I was going to be an English major who worked in the publishing industry after graduation.  Now, with some internships and research, and a lot of switching my major, I am Human Services major with career goals of working for the FBI one day or becoming a forensic interviewer.  Take a chance, feel free to change your mind, and ask as many questions as you need answers.”