Writing Contests

Fall 2017

Multimodal Writing Competition

Announcing the inaugural Center for Writing Excellence awards for multimodal projects composed by an Elon student or group of students.

What is a multimodal project?
Any project that includes two or more modes in considered multimodal. For example, a public service announcement, art installation, animation, research poster, research essay using graphs or images, website content, slideshow presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi, podcast, video, infographic, graphic novel etc.

All will be considered as long as it is original work produced by an Elon student or group of students. Projects will be judged based on how well they integrate the multiple modes to effectively reach a target audience in order to achieve a specific purpose (as articulated by the designer).

Winners Will Receive
An iPad (for group winners, a prize of similar worth will be offered)! First runners-up will receive a $25 gift certificate!

Submission Due Date: December 15, 2017, at 11:59 p.m.

Contest Details
Up to a total of 7 awards will be given out, based on the context in which the multimodal project was created. There will be one winner each for a multimodal project created in:

  • A class from the School of Arts and Science
  • A class from the School of Communications
  • A class from the School of Business
  • A Class from the School of Education
  • A Graduate Program
  • A Student Life group
  • An Internship

All entries will be judged by a panel of faculty, staff, and students, and winners will be announced February 15, 2018.

Application Process

Submit your project along with the accompanying Application Form by December 15, 2017. You must also sign the consent form, to indicate that you are willing to permit us to use your document in subsequent training or publicity materials, including announcing the winners of the competition.

Before submitting your project, please rename it using the following convention:

Your Last Name_Type of Document_Title of Project   

(for example, Rosinski_Slideshow_Research into Stem Cells.ppt, or Bleakney_Podcast_Stem Cells.mp3, or Rosinski_Short Documentary_Digital_Rhetoric .mov)

Submitting Your Project
Submit multimodal projects to the “Project” folder in this Google Drive folder.

Make sure to also submit the completed accompanying Application Form and Consent Form, including your last name (or one group member’s last name) in each of the file names, to the “Submission Forms” folder in this same Google Drive folder.


Multimodal Writing Competition_ApplicationForm.docx

Multimodal Writing Competition_ConsentForm.docx


Spring 2017

CWE/Writing Center Fellows Award

We’re pleased to congratulate the winners of the “CWE/Writing Center Fellows Award.” These students won a $25 Amazon gift card for their professor-selected “Best Student Writing Project”! 

  • Ryan Cranston’s “Renovating Trinity Christian School’s Gymnasium,” Prof. Cara McFadden, SEM 226A

  • Ian Kunsey’s “Venue Management Plan: North Carolina Football Club,” Prof. Cara McFadden, SEM 226A

  • Natalie Berman’s “Change of Nationalism in Europe Throughout the Late Eighteenth and Twentieth Century,” Prof. Mike Carignan, HST 112

  • Andrew Lilley’s “Essay #3: Rewrite,” Prof. Mike Carignan, HST 112

  • Alex Langs  Lean Accounting Novel Memo,” Prof. Paula Weller, ACC 336A 

  • Anna Paluzzi’s “Lean Accounting Novel Memo,” Prof. Paula Weller, ACC 336A